When we hear the term “bakers racks” we used to think of racks used to temporarily hold freshly baked goods so that they cool quickly, or to display bread and other products either inside or outside of a store. Bakers racks have indeed come a long way, because it is now considered a piece of furniture, and a beautiful, functional one at that. There are many other ways that you can use a bakers rack for commercial or personal use, but today, we are going to focus on how a bakers rack with storage cabinet is great addition to your household.

bakers rack with storage cabinet

Bakers Rack with Storage/Cabinets


Why You Should Get A Bakers Rack With Storage Cabinet

A bakers rack with storage or cabinet has a long list of possible uses, such as storage for clothing, cosmetics, documents, kitchenware, carpentry tools, and wine, among other things. And yes, you can place it anywhere you like. In your room, your office, the kitchen, the living room or the garage, a bakers rack will fit right in.

Just make sure, though, that its design complements the overall theme of the room so that it doesn’t look out of place.

It is a good alternative to regular cabinets that are usually built much larger than bakers racks, and will take up so much space in your home. This is often not a good thing, especially if you live in a house with small spaces like a condo unit or apartment, or if you have a lot already going on in the room.

A bakers rack is built taller and narrower, so it doesn’t eat up too much space. With the use of a bakers rack, the room will look more spacious than it is with a bulky cabinet around.

A bakers rack alone is very useful already, but a bakers rack with a doored storage or cabinet is where you can really maximize its purpose. Organization is important especially if you are living in a small house. Keeping it clutter free will maximize the room’s space and will make it look bigger and more welcoming.

With a bakers rack with storage or cabinet, it’s so much easier to keep your house tidy and organized. You can display stuff that are pleasing to the eyes on the shelves of the bakers rack, like a potted plant, flowers in a vase, a bowl of fruits, or even books. You can place the microwave, a toaster, or a coffee maker on the countertop or on the shelves if you are going to place it in the kitchen. Put ceramic plates, bowls, and glasses on display as well.

On the other hand, use the cabinet below to store things that are unsightly to you, like pots, pans, lids, and other cooking tools. And why not store your snacks and jars of flour, sugar, and other baking goods in there? Use it to store shoes or undergarments if you want to use it as a closet alternative. You can also use the doored cabinet to store stuff around the house that you don’t frequently use.

What To Look For In A Bakers Rack With Storage Cabinet

I know you are now excited to get a bakers rack with storage or cabinet, but don’t go rushing to the store just yet. There are things you have to remember when purchasing a bakers rack, so read on if you want to make sure that you are getting the best for you and not waste your money.

  1. Know what you are going to use the bakers rack for. Before buying something, you have to know what you need it for, right? It’s the same with a bakers rack, of course. Don’t buy something just because somebody told you that it’s a good purchase and have lots of possibilities without planning exactly what to do with it. Also, you need to have something in mind so that it’s easier to look for the one that suits you and your needs, in terms of shape and size.
  2. Think of a color or design that will complement your theme. This is another reason why it’s important to know what you are going to use the bakers rack for. You also have to know where you are going to place the rack, so that you can get one with a design that fits right into the room’s existing theme and design so that it doesn’t look out of place. It will also mess with your room’s aesthetic if one thing doesn’t match.
  3. Know the necessary measurements. Measure the dimensions of the space you are going to allot for the bakers rack, and bring a measuring tape as well to find one that fits that exactly or a little smaller, keeping those measurements in mind.
  4. Check the quality. Don’t just settle for something because it is the cheapest. Also, don’t splurge on something just because you believe that the more costly it is, the better, because more often than not, that is not the case. Always check the material in use so that you have a better idea of the quality of the rack. If you want a wooden bakers rack, go for real wood.


Where To Buy A Bakers Rack With Storage Cabinet

Bakers racks with storage or cabinet are available pretty much everywhere. You can drop by the nearest furniture or appliance store, and specialty stores to get your hands on a high quality bakers rack with cabinet.

Another option is to shop through online shopping sites, like eBay and Amazon, and specialty shops that also sell their merchandise online. You can get great deals and discounts from these sites because many of them offer those, especially if you are a first time buyer, or have hit the minimum amount purchased.

The good thing about online shopping is that it is easier to compare different racks because you can look at their pages side by side, instead of having to go back and forth from one store to another