Need a beautiful storage unit or a baker’s rack for your home? Baker’s racks can fit any storage need! They can help you organize your things and save lots of space.Baker’s racks come in different shapes, materials, and sizes. You can choose from among different types that could fit your storage needs and match the design of your interiors. You can easily buy a bakers rack from any furniture store online and offline. There are also DIY project videos that can help you create your own baker’s rack. If you would make your own baker’s rack, you would be able to determine the number of shelves, drawers, or cabinets. You can also choose the material and design.

5 Best Bakers Racks – Comparison Chart

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Types of Baker’s Racks

There are different types of baker’s racks based on their materials and functions. Here are the most common types that you can choose from:


Corner Baker’s Rack

Coaster 4 Tier Corner Shelf Goldish Copper Bakers Rack

Example of a Corner Baker’s Rack

Do you have limited space? Corner baker’s racks are excellent space savers! Simply, corner baker’s racks are storage units that can be placed in any corner of the room. Usually, corner baker’s racks have a triangular shape so they can easily fit corners. They can have different structures, ranging from three to five shelvings. They can be used both as a decorative and as a functional piece. Usually, heavy materials are placed on its bottom while decorative materials are on top.

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Baker’s Rack with Drawers

Coaster BrownSandy Black Finish Metal & Wood Baker's Kitchen Rack wDrawers

Example of a Baker’s Rack with Drawers

A baker’s rack with drawers can help you organize your materials, whether in the kitchen or at a study room. The things that you need to access regularly should be placed on the shelves, while those that should be kept safely should be stored in the drawers. For example, in the kitchen, it is best to keep knives and other pointed materials inside drawers so you can keep them away from children’s reach.

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Metal Baker’s Rack

Trellis Bakers Rack 2

Example of a Metal Baker’s Rack

Metal baker’s rack can provide very sturdy storage unit for any part of your home. This is very useful if you have heavy equipment like mixers or ovens and heavy materials like sacks of flour or sugar. There can be different types of metals used in making baker’s rack. Just make sure that the rack you would buy would not easily have rust. You can choose a metal baker’s rack that has stainless finishes, available in clear or different colors.

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Wrought Iron Baker’s Rack

Brixton IndoorOutdoor Folding Bakers Rack 2

Examples of a Wrought Iron Baker’s Rack

The wrought iron baker’s rack is considered as the most popular type. It is traditional yet very versatile. Originally, wrought iron baker’s racks have wire shelves that help it cool freshly baked goods. Now, wrought iron baker’s racks are used for different functions in the kitchen. Since it these racks has large spaces in between shelves, they can be used for storing large items, even heavy materials or equipment. Aside from the kitchen, wrought iron baker’s racks can also be used in the library or any reading area. Since they are very sturdy, they can be used to display your book collection.

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Outdoor Baker’s Rack

4 -Tier Iron IndoorOutdoor Bakers Rack (Antique Black)

Example of an Outdoor Baker’s Rack

Baker’s racks are so versatile they can even be used outdoors! In buying an outdoor baker’s rack make sure that you choose a material that can survive any type of weather For example, if you want to buy a metal outdoor baker’s rack, make sure that it is made of stainless steel. Iron made racks can have rusts if exposed to rain Meanwhile, if you want to have wooden outdoor baker’s rack, you can choose from among different types of wood that do not easily rot. You can also check if it has finishes or varnish that can protect it from the harsh weather.

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Kitchen Baker’s Rack

Kitchen Baker's Rack

Example of a Kitchen Baker’s Rack

There are baker’s racks that are made especially for kitchen use only. These racks can give you extra storage space and can spice up your kitchen’s corner. With kitchen baker’s racks, you can easily store pots, pans, and other cooking wares. You can also arrange kitchen utensils and dishes on these racks. If you want to make it a decorative piece, you can display cookbooks or plants on top of the racks. You can also display family kitchen heirlooms such as traditional vases, original Chinese dinnerwares, and old wine glasses.

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Wooden Baker’s Rack


Example of a Wooden Baker’s Rack

Wooden baker’s racks fit an old country kitchen design or traditional Scandinavian look. If you love wooden furniture, this type would be perfect for you. Most wooden baker’s racks have clear varnish or black or white finishes. Like other furniture, it can be made of different kinds of wood such as oak, walnut, beech, or even light materials such as rattan.

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Baker’s Rack with Cabinet

Home Source Industries Brook Tall Microwave Cabinet Bakers Rack

Example of a Baker’s Rack with Cabinet

If you want to keep away the clutter, a baker’s rack with cabinet is perfect for your living room. You can easily choose which items you want to display or keep hidden. Baker’s racks with cabinet can be used to store old magazines, books, and other reading materials. Some people also use these racks for storing movie or game DVDs and VCDs.

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Baker’s Rack with Wine Storage

SEI Dome Bakers Rack Black 3

Example of Baker’s Rack with Wine Storage

Baker’s racks are now popularly used for storing wine. If you are a wine lover, a baker’s rack with wine storage is a must-buy for you! Baker’s racks with wine storage can keep your drinks taste good with its controlled temperature. They also allow you to store your wine horizontally for safety purposes. They also come with shelves that can help you safely store your wine glasses. They make it easier for you to get a drink for any celebration.

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Characteristics of Bakers Rack

So what is a baker’s rack? What sets it apart from other types of racks? Baker’s racks are versatile storage units that can serve as a cooling surface, countertop, display racks, or extra cabinet. Basically, a baker’s rack can have several shelves and optional cabinets or drawers. It is usually made of metal, but it can also be made of wood, plastic, or chrome. A baker’s rack can be a stand alone or if you have limited space, it can also be hanged on the wall. The rack’s material and structure determine what you can store in it. Its design is usually very feminine, almost in a form of fashion. This is what sets baker’s rack apart from other rack types.


History of Bakers Rack

bakers racks history Since the 17th century, baker’s racks have been part of many homes around the world. This versatile storage furniture has gained its name because it has been originally used by bakers. In the olden times, bakers use these racks to cool freshly baked goods. Baker’s racks are usually made of heat resistant metal that can help the warm baked goods to cool evenly. After cooling, bakers use the racks to let their neighbors preview the goods before selling. They also use these racks to roll dough and store containers of flour, sugar, and other baking needs. Today, many bakers still use these racks for the same purposes, only with the addition of other baking materials such as modern day baking equipment, cookbooks, and ready-mix goods. As time passed, even non-bakers have been interested in using baker’s racks. Many people have discovered that these racks can be used in different parts of the home, not just in the kitchen or baking area. Some people use it to store non-baked food products such as fruits, canned goods, coffee, or liquor while others use it to display books, game boards, or picture frames. As the baker’s racks have been used for different functions, their structure has also changed. From having simple shelves, some baker’s racks today now have cabinets, drawers, and other storage functions. In addition, baker’s racks have now been more decorative and serve as accent pieces in the home. This is why their designs have also evolved.


Uses of Bakers Rack

As mentioned earlier, baker’s rack can perform different functions in your home. Here are the most common uses of baker’s racks today:

   Baking Purposes 

  • Given its name, it is obvious that baker’s racks are still being used for baking purposes. Aside from cooling freshly baked goods, these racks can be used to store different baking needs such as measuring cups, spatula, and rolling pins. You can also organize ingredients like flour, baking soda, or sugar into different canisters on top of the racks.
  • If you want to add color to your kitchen, you can also add flowering plants or other decorative items to your kitchen baker’s racks.
  • Baker’s rack can help you easily locate the kitchen materials that you need. For example, you can hang your kitchen towels or pot holders on the side of the rack so you can easily grab it when needed.
  • Another obvious use for a baker’s rack is being a kitchen organized. As mentioned earlier, you can easily store dishes, utensils, pots, pans, and other kitchenware on this rack.
  Drink Station
  • You can instantly convert your baker’s rack into a drinks station by placing different drinks on its shelves or cabinet. For example, if you are a coffee lover, you can place coffee essentials on the rack such as a coffee maker, coffee beans, sugar, and creamer.
  • As mentioned earlier, baker’s racks can be used to store wine. However, aside from liquors, these versatile racks can also store other types of drinks such as coffee and tea.
  School Supplies and Toys Organizer
  • You can also keep their toys on the baker’s racks with cabinets or drawers. You can label each shelf or drawer so your kids can easily know how to find their things.
  • With a baker’s rack, you can teach your kids to organize their things. School books and other supplies can be neatly placed on the racks.
  • Having kids can make it difficult for you to organize things. Many children tend to leave their school bags, books and toys all over the place.
  Leisure Corner
  • For gamers, you can keep board games or even DVDs of computer games on a baker’s rack. Meanwhile, if you love art, you can store different art materials on the rack such as papers, watercolors, paint, pens, and crayons.
  • A baker’s rack can be used to store and display any item that can be used during your leisure time. For example, if you are a bookworm, you can use a baker’s rack as a book shelf.
  Picture Display
  • As a decorating tip, you can place different sizes and colors of photo frames to create a different texture. Photos with more people should be printed in bigger sizes, while solo portraits should be printed smaller.
  • As your family grows, you might need to have more space for photos of your kids and grandkids. Baker’s rack can be the perfect place to display your photo frames.
  Garden Center
  • You can also put other garden essentials such as aprons, gloves, small shovels, mini rakes and even fertilizer bags. Gardening books can also have a place on top of the shelves.
  • A baker’s rack can be very useful in the garden. If you have a sturdy outdoor baker’s rack, you can store flower pots on its shelf.
  Storage for Pets’ Needs
  • You can also add different decorative items such as stuffed animal toys or photos of your pet.
  • You can also store your pet’s toys and accessories here such as leashes, collars, or balls. This is very helpful especially if you love to dress up your pet.
  • Have a pet? A baker’s rack can help you organize your pet’s things. For example, you can store canned food items and litters on the bottom of the rack.
  Laundry Station
  • Just a tip, always keep heavy materials at the bottom while detergent and cleanser should be on top. You can also have a jar for coins, loose buttons or receipts that you can find on your clothes.
  • If you want to spruce up your laundry area, you can add a baker’s rack. This rack can help you organize your laundry materials.
Whether on the kitchen, living room, or outdoors, baker’s racks can help you have a clean and well-organized home.


Bakers Racks and Etageres

Combining the properties of a bakers rack with decorative display shelving, etageres offer form and function in a variety of settings. Available in a wide range of styles and designs, etageres are ideal for showcasing decorative items, providing additional storage space, or for use as charming bookshelves. Options are limitless and versatile designs make etageres that will fit most any décor.

Top Five Etagere Uses

  • Etageres are a light piece of furniture with a series of shelves traditionally used to display decorative ornaments in the home. Crafted extensively in France in the latter part of the 18th century, these popular units were often made as corner pieces.
  • The versatility of etageres makes them useful throughout the home. Typically used outside of the kitchen, they have uses similar to bookshelves. Bakers racks that are used outside of the kitchen are referred to as etageres. These units are ideal for showcasing decorative items and providing additional storage space.
  • Whether a corner unit, or with full-size shelves, etageres provide attractive display possibilities for decorative pieces as well as storage options for things like books, magazines, toiletries, pictures, and other items. Larger etageres are ideal bookshelves while corner units make elegant showcases.
  • Etageres can be used for many purposes. These ornate pieces can serve as very decorative displays in the living room, while etageres placed in the bathroom make for decorative storage for towels, toiletry, beauty, and other personal items. These shelving units can be used in every room of the home as well as the office, patio, and gardening area. The ideas are limitless.
  • Etageres have as many styles as they have uses. From traditional to French Country, Commercial to transitional, there is an etagere crafted in a style to match your decor. Shelves are available in wood, glass, and metal. Wood, wicker, or metal are all materials used in the frame of an étagère. Some designs are crafted to fit in corners for attractive space saving storage and display.