Having a bakers rack with drawers offers both closed compartments and available space for shelves for a flexible and functional storage to blend well with your home décor. If your kitchen has a touch of rustic or country style, the traditional wrought iron design may complement the theme either in your dining area or the kitchen. If your home has a contemporary look, there are racks made of tubular steel which may be painted white or stainless steel or even wood finish. When looking to buy a bakers rack, choose one with drawers to suit your storage needs and matched with your home décor.


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Home Styles 5050-615 Oak Hill Bakers Rack with Drawers

  • easily match most contemporary homes today thanks to its design.

  • It has a lot of storage spaces and it’s very versatile - You can put it in any area in your home and you’ll find it useful and functional.

  •  It is very sturdy. Thanks to its metal frame, you can be sure that this unit will be able to stand the test of time. 

  • It’s easy to assemble.

  • It’s not made of natural wood so it strongly advises against exposing the unit to water and heat.

  • The upper shelves are not capable of holding a lot of weight.

  • The buffet is only secured to the upper hutch part by a heavy-duty, double-sided tape.

  • A lot of people are having issues with the drawers being too stiff.

Coaster Brown/Sandy Black Finish Metal & Wood Baker’s Kitchen Rack w/Drawers

  • Easy to assemble with basic tools and skills

  • Multipurpose use in the kitchen, living room, or patio

  • Multiple storage drawers, shelves and wine rack

  • Sturdy and strong wood and metal components

  • Comes in two boxes – one for the wood and another for the metal parts. A few customers complained about not getting the two boxes in one shipment.

  • No starter holes on the metal shelves

  • Few days’ delay, sometimes a week, in the shipment although there were only a handful of cases

Furinno 4-Tier Multipurpose Storage Bakers Rack

  • Sturdy materials when used properly

  • Spacious shelves

  • Two adjustable wire shelves at the bottom for various items like pots, pans and small kitchen appliances

  • Easy to assemble without tools necessary (assembly within 10 minutes with three easy steps)

  • Stable and solid construction when the panels and tubes are properly connected

  • Plastic tubes aren’t as sturdy as expected, thus, the rack is unsuitable for heavy-duty use.

  • Non-laminated shelf bottoms

  • Cheap fabric-covered cardboard bins

Iron/Wicker Bakers Rack

  • It offers beauty and utility in one package.

  • It can blend well with most modern interiors

  • It’s quite sturdy

  • It’s very versatile. You can practically put this unit anywhere around the house and still find great use for it.

  • The necessary tool is included in the package to make the product’s assembly a lot easier.

  • Its counter is made of MDF and not real wood.

  • You’ll need a vacuum cleaner on hand for the mess you’ll make upon unboxing the parts of this product.

  • The baskets will arrive folded and you’ll need to attach the bottom to the main body.

Home Source Industries Brook Tall Microwave Cabinet Bakers Rack

  • Sturdy and strong materials, when the cabinet is assembled and used in the proper manner

  • Suitable solution for modest homes struggling with storage issues in relation to floor space

  • Easy to clean wood with high resistance against wear and tear

  • Sufficient storage space in the upper cabinets, lower drawers, and countertop

  • Beautiful appearance

  • Not as easy to assemble as touted by the manufacturer

  • Cams and screws don’t fit as well as expected.

  • A few parts appear to be shoddily made, especially around their edges


Various Designs of Bakers Rack with Drawers

Various Designs of Bakers Rack with Drawers

In most home decorating themes, there are various bakers rack designs to choose from. A modern home may need bakers racks with a sleek, minimalist look. Classic styled homes go well with racks in metal finish, traditional Tuscan-styled design and wood material.

Apart from rustic or country style, other options would be old world and eclectic décor themes. If you wish to have a traditional frame and would need extra space, the metal rack is a great choice. The wooden frames are limited designs but are perfect for a wood finish home scheme.

You can also color coordinate your bakers rack to make it blend with the color motif of your kitchen including chinaware and ceramics and cookware that you place on the rack.

It’s really up to you on how you can personalize your bakers rack with drawers. The drawer pulls have customized designs which can be classic or contemporary. An oversized bakers rack can serve as the centerpiece on your kitchen. Your collection of cooking set like the stainless gourmet and brass cookware, especially those which are artistically designed can be showcased on your oversized rack.


Different Uses of Bakers Rack with Drawers

Everyone does not really need a bakers rack in their kitchen, but having one undoubtedly offers benefits and added attraction. An obvious advantage is extra storage because it contains drawers and shelves that lets you quickly and easily grab a kitchen item from the rack. Many homemakers make use of the bakers rack for various purposes. It can be used to display the dishware or to store bar ware. These racks are also great for keeping the pantry staples and help keep the dinnerware.

EXTRA TIPEasy Organization With Bakers Racks


What to Stock or Place on a Bakers Rack with Drawers

As a primary rule in buying a bakers rack, choose a design and style that is in harmony with your kitchen. You can surely find beautifully designed bakers racks that suit your personal taste. Once you have decided where to set the bakers rack whether in the kitchen or in the dining area, try these decorating tips that you can do with your bakers rack:

  • Using the drawers as storage for kitchen utensils
  • Use it to display your cookware collection and decorative dishes
  • Use the countertop as microwave stand when running out of space for small appliances
  • Use it to stock dinnerware and organize table linens
  • Use either the drawers or shelves to store cookbooks, some reading materials and your decorative bowls

EXTRA TIP : Learn How to Creatively Decorate a Baker’s Rack


Types of Bakers Rack with Drawers

Backers Rack with Storage

A simple bakers rack usually comes with a countertop and the rack itself. Now, if you wish for extra storage, you may decide to get the one with more shelves or more drawers. But don’t forget to always consider matching the design with your home décor.


Bakers Rack with Storage Cabinets

Home Source Industries Brook Tall Microwave Cabinet Bakers Rack

Home Source Industries Brook Tall Microwave Cabinet with 2-Drawer

When you have small appliances, some nice chinaware or large serving pieces that need to be kept and organized, you will need added shelves and extra cabinet space on your bakers rack. A rack that has extra cabinet spaces can keep some of your kitchen items from gathering dust and getting damaged, while also providing you the open displays that you need. A traditional bakers rack usually does not come with storage cabinets. So you need to scout for one that has more cabinet spaces.


Bakers Rack with Baskets

IronWicker Bakers Rack

Southern Enterprises Wrought Iron Bakers

A more popular way of utilizing baskets is its use as shelf storage, usually in artsy woven design. You might want to try this out on your bakers rack. The most common design that is generally matched with woven baskets is the one in traditional wrought iron design in black finish, and then two or more baskets to go with. Baskets can vary in size depending on the size of the rack, so you will find models both narrow and wide, tall and short, and both practical and flexible. A basket rack with baskets makes a useful and artistic storage solution for your kitchen.


Small Bakers Rack with Drawers


Home Styles 5050-615 Oak Hill Bakers Rack with Drawers

If space is an issue in your kitchen, a small bakers rack with drawers may just be what you needed for extra storage. A three-drawer bakers rack offers shelves for storage or display, and another three removable woven or rattan basket for added storage and organization of small items. If you want added décor with your rack, you may just find one that has intricate scrollwork to make your kitchen look more appealing.


Bakers Rack with Two Drawers

Coaster BrownSandy Black Finish Metal & Wood Baker's Kitchen Rack wDrawers

Coaster Brown/Sandy Black Finish Metal & Wood Baker’s

If three small drawers don’t fit your storage needs, maybe a bakers rack with two drivers is enough. Most of these racks with two drawers are structured tall and wide in order to allow for ample shelving of kitchen appliances and other kitchen tools that need to be hidden away. You can also choose to store your utensils, linen, flatware and other items that need to be organized. With the many designs and styles, you can surely spot one that matches your home design.

Bakers racks with drawers are intended for added space, and for organizing those items that do not necessarily have to be displayed in your kitchen or dining area. Just make sure to dress up your rack well with carefully chosen kitchen items to store so that it will make the room even more desirable instead of making it appear messy and cluttered.