If you are looking for more storage in your kitchen, a place to store your huge wine collection, or are just looking to maximize the space in your kitchen, a bakers rack with wine storage is what you need. It’s not just highly functional, it looks good too.

Many bakers racks nowadays come equipped with features that make it easier for you to store whatever you want to on the rack. Some bakers racks come with hooks, cabinets with doors, and even wine racks. You can do whatever you want with this piece of furniture, and will add a nice touch to your home’s design.


5 Best Bakers Racks with Wine Storage

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Why Get A Bakers Rack With Wine Storage

Bakers Rack with Wine Storage

Bakers Rack with Wine Storage

Did you know that the bakers rack got its name because it was originally used by bakers to hold their freshly baked bread and pastries to let them cool faster? Nowadays, though, it doesn’t just serve this purpose. You can use bakers racks as a beautiful piece of furniture to liven up a lonely corner of your home and at the same time store books, DVDs/CDs, figurines, and other things to decorate your living room.

Most especially, you can use it as an extra storage unit in the kitchen for cooking ware like pans, pots, plates and bowls. There are also a lot of bakers racks that come equipped with a wine rack, so you have something to store your wine bottles, and as a bonus, do so beautifully. Wine lovers know that it’s best for the wine to store bottles horizontally.

With bakers racks that come with a rack specially made for wine bottles, it provides the perfect storage and safety your wine bottles need.

On its own, a bakers rack provides simple and easy organization and keeps kitchen ware and other things that are not in use out of the way. They are also helpful as a decorative display. With the addition of a wine rack, it’s the most flexible and useful piece of furniture you are going to have. It also doesn’t take up so much space, unlike other furniture.


Different Choices For Bakers Racks With Wine Storage

  1. Metal Bakers Racks. Bakers racks that are made from metal can be beneficial since metal allows heat to be transferred quickly from the bowl to the rack, letting its contents to cool down faster. A bakers rack made from wood, on the other hand, will keep the contents (food, for example) warm because it insulates it.
  2. Modern Bakers Racks. Modern bakers racks look more ornamental and a lot of effort is put into the design. This is because they are meant to be used as decorative display in the house on top of functioning as a shelving unit. The best thing about these is that they don’t sacrifice the functionality to look beautiful.
  3. Wall Mounted Bakers Racks. Wall mounted bakers racks are a good option if you need more storage yet you don’t have any room left for another storage unit. They almost don’t take up any space because they are mounted on the wall, not sitting on the floor like most furniture. It’s a great way to add storage without sacrificing more space in the kitchen or any room in your home.
  4. Wooden Bakers Racks. Wooden bakers racks easily adds a lot of elegance to the room. It also creates the vibe of a wine cellar once wine bottles are put on display.


Where To Look For Bakers Racks With Wine Storage

You might think that bakers racks with wine storage are difficult to find, but they actually aren’t. It’s practically everywhere. Where you will usually find regular kitchen bakers racks, you will also find bakers racks with built in wine racks.

Anywhere you go, you will find something that are of high quality. Nowadays, the best option is to shop online since it is very convenient and you can shop without leaving the comforts of your own home.

Another advantage is the ability to compare prices and quality of products from different online stores side by side, because you only have to switch tabs to do that instead of running around from store to store. You will also get to see everything a store has to offer, unlike physical stores that can have limited stocks in them.

Reviews are also very helpful. If there is a particular type of bakers rack that you are considering to purchase but you are unsure of the quality, you could just search for online reviews by other customers, especially on internet shopping sites like eBay and Amazon. Lots of furniture and specialty stores also offer the customer review feature, so that people can give feedbacks on a purchase.

The drawback of online shopping, though, is that product images can be deceiving. Something may look like real wood, but you may be duped and it’s actually just plastic. So better to check product descriptions carefully and read reviews from other customers like you.

On the other hand, shopping in physical stores has its advantages as well. You will be able to see the product you are considering to purchase personally. You are able to check the material, the build, and if it seems strong enough to last a long time holding your precious wine collection and other stuff.

Either way, try to watch out for seasonal sales and promotional discounts so you can get a good deal. Also, don’t forget to check different stores for bakers racks so you have an option. You never know, there might be a similar or a more attractive rack at the next furniture store.