One of the favorite areas in the house that requires a good amount of space is kitchen. This is especially true if you are fond of cooking and spends a lot of time in the kitchen. Small kitchens have limited space, so kitchen appliances and furniture must be kept at a minimum. For a small kitchen, one solution that is slowly becoming a trend is in the form of a corner bakers rack. Its popularity is attributed to its economical way of creating style and added storage space to small areas. If you currently have a problem with space in your small kitchen, the bakers rack can help you maximize space.


Best 5 Corner Bakers Racks

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What is a Corner Bakers Rack?

Corner Bakers Rack

Corner Bakers Rack

A bakers rack is a free standing piece of furniture that may have wood shelving where you can place kitchen condiments and stuff. It can also have wire turned into hooks to hang kitchen stuff. It really depends on how you can make the best use out of the rack. Recent designs have added functionality such as glass storage, wine rack or a faux bar design. With various designs to choose from, you can very much appreciate the versatility of the bakers rack in your kitchen or probably in other areas of the house where it is needed.


Corner Bakers Rack is Best Used on Corners

If your house has a corner that appears bare and you want to utilize the space, a corner bakers rack is your answer. May be it a corner space in your kitchen or in some other areas in the house, the bakers rack may come in different styles to suit your storage needs. For example, you can get a rack with three to five shelves if you have more stuff to place.


Improve Your Space with a Corner Bakers Rack

For extra storage without taking up a lot of space – try a corner bakers rack. Looking for a fun and easy way to add bit of style to your home? A corner bakers rack adds all of that and more.They’re an efficient way to use the hard-to-decorate corners in a room. Many of today’s homes have corner bakers racks in the kitchen, dining room or hallway.

They come in a variety of styles and will look great in any room in the house! Most corner racks are made of wood or metal. They come in many colors and finishes.

Great Space Saver

A corner bakers rack makes it easy to display favorite collectibles in a small space. They take up much less room than a traditional bakers rack.They’re perfect for displaying photos, plants or fine china. Corner bakers racks are more practical than regular sized racks and don’t detract from existing furniture pieces.

Decorate Any Corner in the House

Do you have a boring corner that needs sprucing up? A corner bakers rack is the perfect decorative solution.

They’re both functional and beautiful and with so many styles to choose from, they’re certain to fit snugly into any corner in the house.


What to Consider Before Buying a Corner Bakers Rack

When planning to get a bakers rack, consider first what you will need the space for and what stuff to put on the rack before you decide to get one. Ask yourself how you can utilize the unit. Are you trying to add storage space, corner space or are you simply trying to augment the overall look of your kitchen or dining area? Maybe you just want to use it as a book shelf, or probably you need it to store your wines.

Another consideration to make is the room size, say, your kitchen space. A big bakers rack will overwhelm the relatively small space of your kitchen. So, if you have a limited space, consider a simple rack with a low-key design, something that is not overly ornate. Buying a bakers rack that is just apt for the room size can help you save on money.

You will also need to consider the functionality of the rack. You may require some features on the bakers rack in order to suit to your storage needs. A large bakers rack may store baking pans and plates and some large cooking pans. Some racks have glass and wine rack in a stylish look. Other racks have display drawers to keep small stuff. Adjustable shelving is another functional design for you to decide how to adjust the shelf depending on what you will store.


Picking the Perfect Corner Bakers Rack

The corner bakers rack fulfills your need to put extra space in your kitchen that does not only add to the decorative look of the place but also has some sort of functionality. Here are some ideas to help you choose the perfect corner bakers rack for your small kitchen:

Match it with the overall look of your home

One of the best things about getting a bakers rack is that you can match it with your home décor. There is a wide array of style and design options for you to choose from. These racks are also made from different materials so you can simply choose one that suits the theme of your home.

For example, if your home is mostly made of wood, you will be pleased to find out that there are bakers racks made out of wood to match the overall look of your home and the kitchen, too. Another example is a rack made out of wrought iron that is perfect for your rustic, country home style.

Pick one that increases storage space

The other main purpose of buying a bakers rack other than just for decorative purposes is to increase storage space in your kitchen. Bakers racks normally come with shelves at the top and bottom of the countertop. More shelves mean more storage for your home display items and cookbooks that you probably just hide away inside drawers or cabinets.

If you have lovely tea sets, displaying them on the rack will not only add up to your kitchen’s decorative look but will also let you use them regularly. Shelves below the countertop are great for storing spices and potatoes placed inside woven baskets.

Choose a bakers rack that increases countertop space

Anyone who loves to cook would definitely want a large countertop space in their kitchen, and one way to address this is having a bakers rack. Each rack has a countertop usually made of the durable materials such as granite or butcher block so that it’s easy for food preparation. You can choose one that blends well with your kitchen countertop design.

If your kitchen currently runs out of available space, the corner bakers rack can utilize space for additional kitchen storage. Depending on the theme or style of your kitchen area, you can choose a rack that suits the total look. Bakers rack usually adds aesthetics to your kitchen because it comes in various designs.

This is also money-saving, so you get to add more space without slashing a huge portion of your budget. In the long run, you can rearrange the items that you place or store on the rack for a different look, and because the items are conspicuous, you really want to make the arrangement look appealing, of course.


Corner Baker’s Racks – Amazing Storage Space

Corner baker’s racks offer beauty and function for your kitchen decor. Until you have owned a corner bakers rack you do not fully realise how much storage is available in that seemingly small corner.

This may be just what you are looking for to add a finishing touch to your kitchen. Make the most of a small space with an elegant wrought iron and wood/or/glass baker’s rack. To find the perfect bakers rack to accessorise your kitchen your choices are wide open.

It is very surprising the amount of ample efficient organized storage space that is available with such a simple solution as a bakers rack. Three shelves provide plenty of storage along with the possibility of adding a wine rack and even a bottom rack – you are only limited by your imagination!

Of course the choice of materials and designs for baker’s racks are vast: traditional contemporary, wooden, oak, metal, wrought iron. copper, chrome, stainless steel, elaborate, elegant, simple. They also come in colors such as red, black, white, copper or green.

Tuck away delightful treasures in any corner of the room on a quaint bakers rack. Baker s racks make an impressive statement wherever they are placed. With their clean lines and spacious shelves, they look great with anything from country ware to answering machines. As a baker you can very well appreciate having an extra surface to work on in your kitchen.