Easy Organization With Bakers Racks

Nowadays, bakers racks have gained attention as a piece of furniture and storage unit because it adds sophistication to any room without occupying a lot of space. Standing ones are built taller and narrower than regular cabinets, while the ones that are mounted to the wall don’t need any more space on the ground. Easy Organization With Bakers Racks!

Bakers racks were originally just racks made of wood or metal that aren’t big on style and appearance because they were used to be a storage for cooling down fresh-from-the-oven goods. As the name suggests, it was a rack bakers used to use. Now, they are not just for bakers or for any baking purposes, they are considered a fixture at home that makes a great decorative display.

5 Best Bakers Racks for Easy Organization

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Ways to Use a Bakers Rack in the Kitchen

Easy Organization With Bakers Racks

From temporarily holding freshly baked goods, bakers racks are now used to display a large variety of things, like books, potted plants and flowers, kitchenware, and sometimes simply for decorative purposes at home. It is very important to maintain orderliness and organization in the kitchen, and it is one of the most popular uses of bakers racks nowadays.

You can keep all your kitchen tools and gadgets in one place, and have it done in an artful way. Everything that you need, from your frying pans to measuring spoons to essential spices, you can have within your reach, thanks to bakers racks.

Some bakers racks are built with a countertop where you can place everyday things like a microwave and a coffeemaker. This allows for more space on your actual kitchen countertop, and can be of great help if you live in an apartment with not much room in the kitchen. A bakers rack frees up a lot of room in any area of the house that you would like to place it.

You will also find bakers racks with doored cabinets as its bottom shelf, where you can put things that you don’t often use, or stuff that are not very pleasing to the eyes, like pots, cake pans, and cookie sheets.

The shelves can hold kitchen tools that are pleasing to the eyes, like plates, bowls, and glasses in matching colors, colorful jars of snacks or of baking essentials like sugar and flour, or even wine bottles. There are a lot of bakers racks that are built with wine racks, and of course, allow the bottles to lie horizontally. There are racks that fit wine glasses. You can also put cookbooks on the shelves.

Really, the possibilities are endless.


Ways to Use a Bakers Rack in the Living Room

Bakers Rack in the Living room

Yes, you read that right. Bakers racks aren’t just for baking and kitchen use, they also have uses in the living room! This is because a lot of the modern bakers racks being manufactured today are built with home furniture in mind.

As I have mentioned earlier, bakers racks are smaller in size than cabinets but are packing the same space for storage, so it’s a really good alternative to those bulky cabinets you use as a shelving unit.

With a bakers rack, you can store anything you collect and have them on display in your living room. You can stylishly display your books, limited edition action figures, ceramic figurines, CDs or DVDs or records, and anything under the sun.


Ways to Use a Bakers Rack in Your Bedroom

Bakers Rack in the Bedroom

Did you know that a bakers rack can also be of use in your bedroom? You can use it as replacement for an actual closet. Since many bakers racks a built with a doored cabinet as its bottom shelf, you can store undergarments or other personal clothing in there.

Everyday clothes can be folded and sit in the shelves. Shoes can also live there when they are not in use.

They can also be used as a vanity. Get a bakers rack with a built in countertop, install a mirror on it, and make that your makeup/beauty station. There are also bakers racks with drawers, for your information, so you have somewhere to store your cosmetics in.


Designing Your Bakers Rack

Before finally purchasing a bakers rack, just like with any piece of furniture, you want it to fit your home’s overall theme and design. Most bakers racks today come in neutral colors like black, white, or beige, or have a wooden finish or pattern. This makes it easier to find a rack that will easily blend into your interior without doing a lot.

However, if you really want something that will look like it has been in your home since day one, you can get an unfinished/unpainted bakers rack so that you can personalize it and paint it according to your house’s theme.

A lot of bakers racks on the market are made from metal and have more ornamental designs, too, so if your house has a similar theme, that is not a problem.


Where to Buy a Bakers Rack

A bakers rack that is of high quality is not rare to find. Sure, you might have to run around a little bit to find exactly what you are looking for, but they are everywhere. You can find them at local specialty and furniture stores, even stores that sell kitchenware. You also have to option of online shopping. It might sound intimidating, but you will be amazed at how easy it is to shop online.

While some physical shops can only offer you a limited range of options, you can browse everything a store has in stock by just viewing their website. This way, it’s so much easier to pick what you want, and you will be able to find something at a reasonable price.

Most online shopping sites are also great at giving out special deals and discounts, so watch out for that.

Just make sure that you have something in mind before buying, so that it’s easier to decide what to go for.