A hanging pot and pan racks in your kitchen make great use of vertical space and stores all of your pots and pans neatly in one place. If you have a small kitchen, you probably have to contend with issues of storage space.


Hanging Pot Racks – Pan Holder & Rack

5 Best Hanging Pot and Pan Racks

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Pots and pans are some of the utensils that take up the largest space in the kitchen. It is easy to run out of places to store your pots and pans. Many of them are probably squeezed in a hard to reach shelves under the kitchen counter.

Shelves are not the most convenient place to store pots. If you use your kitchen everyday and you love cooking, chances are that you need several pots and pans when cooking. This is where hanging pot racks come in.

They help to store utensils within your reach, so that you can cook without making a lot of movements looking for utensils. For this reason many people store spoons, pans, pots and everything they need on the hanging rack.

Before choosing a hanging pot and pan racks for your kitchen there are a number of things you need to consider. One of them is the design of your kitchen.

This will include things like the décor and lighting. This will determine whether you choose stainless steel or bronze finish to match that of your kitchen’s interior.

You may also choose the lighted pot racks if you feel it will be suitable for your kitchen.

Another thing you need to consider is where you are going to hang your rack from. You need to identify that spot and measure the area. This will help you choose the right size of rack that is most suitable for that spot. You don’t want going over shelves and other barriers, such that you can’t use it effectively to hang your pots on it.

Hanging pot and pan racks make storing pots very convenient. But you need to be careful about where you hang the rack from.

Don’t put it near a place with high human traffic, you don’t want people to keep bending over or dodging pans as they move from one side of the kitchen to the other.

Before you install the rack, you should consider getting help and preferably an expert. You need to ensure that you install the rack properly on the ceiling joists and ensure the type of joists that you have can handle the weight you are going to put on them.

Ceiling joists can be reinforced to handle more weight. Ensure that you follow the instructions from the manufacturer about the weight limit and installation.


Hanging pot racks are the traditional style used in kitchens

Hanging pot racks are the traditional style used in kitchens

Hanging pot racks are a must for anyone who loves to cook or just wants to save some space. Hanging pot racks also add beauty to your kitchen! From simple to fancy, there is a hanging pot and pan hanger to suite every taste and décor.

Space Saver

Pots and pans hanging racks are perfect for those who need more kitchen storage. With a kitchen pot rack hanger you can free up some of your cupboard space. Not only are hanging pots and pans racks a space saver but you never have to get down on your hands and knees to search for pots again! A pot rack allows you to quickly spot the pan you need. Plus, with the easy access to your pots, cooking will go much quicker!

Add Beauty to Your Kitchen

A hanging pot rack will add beauty to any kitchen. They are available in many different styles and finishes to allow you to have the look you want. Hanging pot and pan racks are quite popular and can be found in many kitchens across the world. It is a great way to make a statement and add some character to your kitchen. With the many beautiful finishes and styles offered, you are sure to find one that is perfect for your kitchen!


Pots and Pans Hanging Rack Styles and Finishes

There are a large variety of hanging pot and pans racks. You can find them in many sizes such as:

  • circle
  • oval
  • rectangle
  • square.

A few styles offer extra features such as lighting or utensil hooks. Some of the most popular finishes are:

  • copper
  • chrome
  • wood
  • metal
  • stainless steel.

A hanging pot and pan hanger is the answer for anyone looking to save space in their kitchen. You can save space and add beauty at the same time.

Cooking is much faster and simpler when your pots and utensils are right there where you can grab them.


Why Buy a Hanging Pot and Pan Rack?

Why Buy a Hanging Pot and Pan Rack

Majority of us needs some extra room for storage, and hanging up pots and pans will surely give us more room for free in the cabinet and drawer for the dishes or kitchen gadgets to be kept tidily.

Using pot rock will also give you systematic cookware storage, saving you more time and lessening your effort to move around the kitchen searching for that red small pot.

Locating items is a lot easier now that you have everything well organized. Gone are the days where you will waste time searching for the item you need. Convenience is what you have and a clutter free kitchen!

Pot Racks come in various shapes and sizes. You can either choose to have oval shaped, rectangular shaped or circular shaped. But for the ones with an island counter it is best to stick with rectangular or oval pots rocks.

The reason for this is that you can use more space with this type of shapes compared to the circular ones.

Before hanging all your pots, be sure that you have scrub your pots clean, you will be surprised to see how beautiful the pot rock is with your shiny and clean pots hanging above. Scrub off any left black marks, grime and burns, now you need to have more patients in scrubbing if you have a slightly old set of pot that needs some serious scrubbing.

Polish your brass pots and pans, the brass actually lights up the kitchen and will actually give it an instant elegant appeal. Once you were able to make your pots clean, shiny and as good as new it will all be worth it when you see them all hanging on your new pot rock.

You can also decorate the chains that hold up your pot rock to the ceiling. Add some pretty vines, or flowers and leaves to make a floral look.

Or if you want some lights you can choose to twine around the chains some Christmas lights, clear or colored it’s your personal choice. You can also safely secure a potted plant like fern or any seasonal indoor plant on top of the pot rock, making it still beautiful even though you have used the pots and pans upon cooking.

But before doing all these you need to check the weight limits for your pot rack and the kitchen ceiling, balance the weight evenly and be sure that you work and decorate your pot rock within the weight limits.

There are many different types of pot racks which can be purchased, such as the free standing pot rack and the wall mounted pot rack. However, hanging pot racks is the most common and also the most popular types.

It is an obvious choice for anyone who is looking for some kind of kitchen furniture which also adds additional functionality. These racks can easily help to free up your cabinet space since many of the items which you put in there can also be placed into one of these hanging racks.

These items include, but are not limited to, various different types of cooking pots and pans. Aside from the functional aspect of these racks, there is also a decorative aspect to them which can help to enhance the overall appearance.

You can choose from many different types of pot racks, but the basic function for all of these remain the same:

Wall mounted pot racks are made to hang on the side of the wall in order to save space. They usually look like a horizontal bar or a small shelf.

Standing pot racks is another type which exists and helps to organize your kitchen and save space. They are termed “standing” because they are not really attached to anything and they can be made to stand wherever you have space.

The most popular one are the hanging pot racks. These hang from the ceiling at various heights depending on preference. They come in various shapes and sizes including rectangular and round styles. It is recommended that you hang the rack at a height that is comfortable for you to reach.


Hanging Pot Racks are an Affordable way to Add Value to Your Kitchen

Hanging pot racks help everything in your kitchen organized so it is easier to find everything. However, these racks not only provide organization for any kitchen, they also improve how your kitchen looks and give it a classier look.

Even though there are many different types of racks that can be purchased today at your local store or even online, we will be focusing mostly on hanging ones because they are the most commonly used racks today.

The great thing about these racks is that they are very affordable and they add so much more value to your home kitchen.

There are various websites online that sell them at affordable prices, and these pot racks are all top notch quality.

If you search around online, there are lots of great deals on these hanging pot racks. If you are not currently using one, it is highly recommended that you check around online for one that catches your attention and fits well into your kitchen.

Also be sure that when you are putting them up to your ceiling that you fit them in properly to avoid any mishaps which might otherwise occur. Most of these racks however, are made with very strong supports so this is usually not an issue.

Other types of racks may not be as popular as these but everyone has their own preference so do not ignore them.

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