How to Creatively Decorate a Baker’s Rack

How to Creatively Decorate a Baker’s Rack

Are you one of those people who own a baker’s rack, but are just not quite sure about where to put it or how to make it more useful in your kitchen? How to Creatively Decorate a Bakers Rack? It is true that not everyone will need a baker’s rack, unless your job involves baking and cooking, but what you actually didnt know is that baker racks can be quite versatile and they certainly do not have to be an eye sore. You can make use of it to keep small knick knacks too. Since a lot of people have a baker’s rack in their homes, most of them will find creative ways to make it more effecient.

5 Best Bakers Racks – Comparison Chart


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Home Styles 5050-615 Oak Hill Bakers Rack with Drawers

  • easily match most contemporary homes today thanks to its design.

  • It has a lot of storage spaces and it’s very versatile - You can put it in any area in your home and you’ll find it useful and functional.

  •  It is very sturdy. Thanks to its metal frame, you can be sure that this unit will be able to stand the test of time. 

  • It’s easy to assemble.

  • It’s not made of natural wood so it strongly advises against exposing the unit to water and heat.

  • The upper shelves are not capable of holding a lot of weight.

  • The buffet is only secured to the upper hutch part by a heavy-duty, double-sided tape.

  • A lot of people are having issues with the drawers being too stiff.

SEI Dome Bakers Rack w/ Wine Bottle Storage

  • Made of strong and sturdy solid metal tubes and MDF

  • Plenty of storage and display spaces in the nesting baskets, hooks, shelves, and countertop

  • Stable construction, when properly assembled

  • Attractive design

  • The MDF can easily be damaged from water saturation and exposure to low humidity environments

  • The assembly takes time because many of the holes don’t line up

  • The rack doesn’t come with plastic liners and rubber coasters for added stability

Whitmor Supreme Kitchen Bakers Rack, Wood & Chrome

  • 10-year limited warranty

  • Easy to assemble with tools included

  • Two adjustable wire shelves at the bottom for various items like pots, pans and small kitchen appliances

  • Sturdy, stable and solid construction

  • Durable chrome-plated steel and beautiful wood parts

  • Unstable joint system

  • Wood can warp from constant use, especially when moisture is involved

  • Short height for a few customers

Iron/Wicker Bakers Rack

  • It offers beauty and utility in one package.

  • It can blend well with most modern interiors

  • It’s quite sturdy

  • It’s very versatile. You can practically put this unit anywhere around the house and still find great use for it.

  • The necessary tool is included in the package to make the product’s assembly a lot easier.

  • Its counter is made of MDF and not real wood.

  • You’ll need a vacuum cleaner on hand for the mess you’ll make upon unboxing the parts of this product.

  • The baskets will arrive folded and you’ll need to attach the bottom to the main body.

Home Source Industries Brook Tall Microwave Cabinet Bakers Rack

  • Sturdy and strong materials, when the cabinet is assembled and used in the proper manner

  • Suitable solution for modest homes struggling with storage issues in relation to floor space

  • Easy to clean wood with high resistance against wear and tear

  • Sufficient storage space in the upper cabinets, lower drawers, and countertop

  • Beautiful appearance

  • Not as easy to assemble as touted by the manufacturer

  • Cams and screws don’t fit as well as expected.

  • A few parts appear to be shoddily made, especially around their edges

If you have a kitchen with some extra space on the walls or on the sides, your baker’s rack can be placed in any of these areas. Although you dont have to be limited to just your kitchen alone, you can also put the baker’s rack in your bedroom, porch, dining room, or whever you feel this will be more useful for you to use.

In case you didn’t know, the baker’s rack can actually be used to store items and unlike other storage fixtures like cabinets and such, it doesn’t weigh as much so it will be easier for you to take it from one place to another if you think that it doesnt fit the place you have designated for it.

How to Creatively Decorate a Bakers Rack

If you are thinking about purchasing a baker’s rack for yourself, or if you already have one at home but you do not know what to do with it, here are some creative ideas on how to design your baker’s rack.


Creative ways to decorate a baker’s rack

Creative ways to decorate a baker’s rack

One of the benefits of having a baker’s rack is that it is totally affordable and not really hard to accentuate, plus it is very multifunctional, you can try anything with it and it will still fit the style of your living room or kitchen depending on how you want to style it.

Here are a few creative ideas you can try using to make your baker’s rack more functional:


You can accessorize it according to your baking preference – if you love baking in particular, and you practically live and breathe baking, you can accessorize your rack according to the way you would bake your favorite cake or cup cake:

  • You can put a steel container to put all your pens and other knick-knacks. This will be good for all your small stuff, so that you wont forget where you place them.
  • You can accessorize using wooden signs and some of your favorite cooking quotes into the wooden sign or you can put the word “bakery” to make it unique
  • Attach hooks so that you can hang all your utensils at a specific area of the rack
  • Attach another batch of hooks to keep all your pans and trays, or you can place them at the very bottom, since these can be quite medium in size or bigger.


You can place all your garden tools in it – if you love gardening, then you must know the struggle of keeping your tools in once place so that it is easy for you to find, but you can use a baker’s rack to place all your tools, here are some suggestions:

  • You can place all your plant food at the middle part of the rack, so that it is easy for you to see.
  • You can place all your books related to gardening on the top shelf
  • Make it a place for your plants
  • You can place gardening accessories like: aprons, shovels, small rakes, pruning shears, and etc
  • Store your pots and potting soils in the bottom shelf, so that you do not end up making a mess.


You can turn it into a mini bar – most people get frustrated because they do not know where to place their wines and other alcoholic drinks. If you do not have a small place to put all your drinks in, here are some suggestions on how to use a baker’s rack as a mini bar:

  • You can place all the punch bowls and ladles at the bottom so that they do not get damaged. Make sure to place some bubble wrap around it or any kind of container that will prevent it from getting broken.
  • The top and middle shelf can be a good place to put all your wine and alcoholic beverages
  • You can place all your decorative wine glasses on the top shelf
  • It can also be a good place to store baskets and other delicate silverware


Turn into a game corner – believe it or not; a baker’s rack can actually be a good place to put all your awesome board games for a fun night of family card games or jenga. Try these suggestions:

  • As mentioned, you can place all your favorite board games so that your guests will notice them when you show them the rack in your home.
  • You can also place all your books there related to playing games
  • If you own bean bag chairs or even cushions, you can place them all at the bottom so that when you have guests over or if your kids want to play something, you can easily take it out of the rack to play with them
  • Place all your stashed drinks and snacks.




Baker racks can actually make a good addition to your home – you just have to be creative enough to think up ways to make it fit perfectly.