How to Pick the Perfect Corner Bakers Rack

How to Pick the Perfect Corner Bakers Rack

Small kitchens are always in need of something very precious, its space. Recently there has been a quick growing popular solution in the form of a corner bakers rack. Its rapid climb in popularity stems from its inexpensive way of adding style as well as storage space to a small area. A bakers rack is a free standing unit that may have wire or wood shelves, it may have hooks to hang stuff or just simple shelves that allow for you to select what is the best use of the unit. Recently the newer designs in bakers racks may contain wine racks, glass storage, or a faux bar type unit, making the bakers rack one of the most versatile pieces of furniture in your home and at the very least in your kitchen.


5 Best Corner Bakers Racks – Comparison Chart

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How to Pick the Perfect Corner Bakers Rack

Pick the Perfect Corner Bakers Rack

When you buy a bakers racks there are a few things to take into consideration. The biggest priority is what are you trying to accomplish. Are you trying to add counter space, storage space or are you just getting one to enhance the décor of your kitchen or dining room.

A few other items to consider is the size of the room you are using. Also, what are the features you need? Do you want wood, wire, marble?

Also make sure you look for ones of quality that will last. There are many that are inexpensive but do have quality to them. Make sure you take your time assembling it so it is done properly.

When looking at the size you should consider how big your kitchen is. You don’t want the rack to overwhelm the room. If your space is very small, you should consider a simple rack and keep it low key, not getting an overly ornate one.

This not only will save your money but it will help not overpower the room. Remember the smaller the area, the smaller the rack you want.

The next thing you should consider is what you want this to do. Do you want it just to be a book shelf? Did you want to add counter space, or workspace to your kitchen.

Did you want to store wine in it, and if so make sure you find one with an included wine storage.

Decide up front what features you need. You can choose one with large storage areas to keep plates, and baking pans. You may choose a more decorative version that has a wine rack or glass racks. Some even incorporate spice racks or display drawers.

You may decide you would like one with adjustable shelving so that when you have a larger item, you can simple make the shelf higher. Picking right will make this versatile and last a long time.

Many homeowners find that they need extra space in their kitchen and one great way to accommodate this need is by adding a corner bakers rack. If you have a small kitchen or your kitchen is completely full you can create extra space that not only looks good but also is quite functional.

Here are a few tips to help you pick the perfect corner bakers rack for your kitchen.


Matching Your Home’s Décor 

One of the great things about buying a bakers rack is that you can find them to match any home décor. These pieces are made from a variety of materials which makes it very simple to add to your kitchen’s overall feel.

For example if you have a kitchen that is made out of oak you will be please to know that you can find bakers racks made from solid wood that will match very nicely. Another possibility could be a country kitchen that could handle a rack made from wrought iron that is painted white and distressed making it a perfect fit.

If you have a kitchen that is light and airy you might consider incorporating a wicker made corner backers rack.


Increase Your Storage Space 

Bakers racks not only add to your home’s décor but they also add valuable storage space to the kitchen. Most bakers racks have several shelves both above and below the countertop.

Having extra storage space makes it possible to actually store your cookbooks in the kitchen and display items that you normally have hidden away. A good example of that may be your Grandmother’s tea settings, displaying them not only allows you to enjoy them but you can also add some decoration to the area.

The storage located under the countertops is a great place to store things like potatoes or onions and many manufactures have actually incorporated baskets into their corner bakers rack with that specific purpose in mind.


Increasing Your Countertop Space

Ask any cook what they need the most in their kitchen and you will most likely hear, “more countertop space.” Adding a bakers rack is a great way to accomplish this.

Each rack comes with a countertop and it is generally made out of material that can be used for food preparation. Most of the countertops are usually made from the sturdy materials of either granite or butcher block.

Either one of these materials will hold up nicely in the kitchen and give you additional space for you to be able to prepare your meals.


Corner Bakers Rack—Add Space to Small Kitchens

When looking for ways to utilize all the space in your kitchen you may want to consider adding a bakers rack. This is a great way to make the area aesthetically pleasing and add both extra storage and additional countertop surface to the kitchen. It is also very cost effective, you can find a bakers rack that will fit nicely within your budget.

So if you are looking to add more functional space to your kitchen consider a corner bakers rack.