4 -Tier Iron IndoorOutdoor Bakers Rack (Antique Black)

The beauty of the 4-tier Iron Indoor/Outdoor Bakers Rack in antique black finish lies in its versatility. While the name itself suggests that its manufacturers designed it for displaying and storing various baking items, it can also be used for other purposes.

In fact, it can be used to store a wide range of supplies, materials and tools depending on the user’s preferences.

Many buyers, for example, use it as their rack for gardening supplies, DIY tools, and even display shelf for various knick-knacks. The rack can also be used indoors and outdoors, thanks to its antique black finish in the sense that it easily blends with the existing décor.



Features and Specifications

  • The 4-tier Iron Indoor/Outdoor Bakers Rack has an antique black finish, a lighter shade of black than many contemporary racks in midnight black. The mellower color gives it a beautiful aged look, almost like an heirloom piece passed through a few generations. The patina of age, so to speak, makes it such a great piece in kitchens, patios and dens with a relaxed feel.
  • Of course, paint is just on the surface. The more important thing is the main material itself – and this bakers’ rack from International Caravan delivers on quality in this matter.
  • The rack is made from premium iron, a metal known for its sturdiness, strength and stability under pressure. Even with several items placed on all four of its shelves, the rack will remain strong and stable – the metal shelves will not warp while the posts will not bend. Just be sure not to overload any one of the shelves (i.e., place items to overflowing) for safety purposes.
  • The premium iron material itself is powder-coated with a hammered bronze finish. Powder-coating metals is an industrial process designed to ensure that the paint effectively adheres to the base material. The powder-coating material provides the premium iron with added protection against the effects of sun, rain and snow (i.e., water and weather resistance).
  • The rack can be placed in an outdoor area, such as the patio, deck or terrace, because of its high water and weather resistance. The premium iron with powder-coated finish also has ultraviolet light fading protection.
  • Even when exposed to the sun and rain the entire year, the paint appears to be holding up well. In case the paint starts to crack, as it well over time, just spray or paint it with a new coat of your own color choice.
  • With four spacious shelves, the rack can hold dozens of items at a time. While the rack should ideally be placed flush against a wall, it can also be placed in an open area (i.e., without a solid wall against its back panel). The three straight bars at its back will keep the larger items in place while the smaller items can be placed on the front part.
  • Even the sides have curlicue-shaped grills to prevent things from falling out. Plus, these also serve an ornamental function.
  • The shelves are obviously open – no doors and locks. But this is what a bakers’ rack is for! You can easily place the items for display and/or storage on the open shelves, as well as quickly identify and access them. You don’t have to guess which drawer contains what items since everything’s out in the open, so to speak.


When fully assembled, the 4-tier Iron Indoor/Outdoor Bakers Rack has the following dimensions:

  • Height – 59 inches
  • Width – 26 inches
  • Depth – 14 inches
  • Weight – 32 pounds

Be sure to measure the area where you’re planning to place the bakers’ rack. While this is a relatively compact rack, you may just end up with a too small or too large rack in your home. This can be a concern when you live in a small apartment or condo where space should be maximized. The rack requires assembly but it’s so easy that even basic do-it-yourself tools and skills are largely unnecessary. As soon as you open the box, get the entire rack out of it.

You can just unfold and snap the shelves into place and voila – you have a 4-tier durable and beautiful rack for indoor and outdoor use. The shelves are adjustable, too, which increases the rack’s overall versatility. Each individual shelf is mounted on a hinge so it can be put up and down depending on the need for space.

Basically, the shelf that will not be used should lie flat against the back, thus, allowing for more space for taller objects on the shelf below it. The shelf lying flat against the back will also add a nice decorative touch to the set-up. If you’re using the rack for holding flower pots, you can fit a few large pots on the bottom two shelves. The upper two shelves can hold several smaller pots.



The 4-tier Iron Indoor/Outdoor Bakers Rack has the following advantages based on the abovementioned discussion:

  • Durable material specifically premium iron with powder-coated hammered bronze finish
  • All-weather and water resistance with ultraviolet fading protection
  • Beautiful design with curlicues and whorls for the grills, as well as a mellow antique black color
  • Adjustable shelves with each shelf mounted on a hinge for fast and easy adjustments
  • Large space in the shelves suitable for various indoor and outdoor uses
  • Sturdy and stable construction (i.e., low risk for tipping over provided the items are placed in an orderly fashion)
  • Easy storage, identification and access of the items



But the 4-tier Iron Indoor/Outdoor Bakers Rack also has its disadvantages based on many consumer reviews including:

  • Crooked welds on many places
  • Bent main back uprights in a few cases
  • Back panel isn’t as well-covered by grills as it could be


Final Thoughts

The 4-tier Iron Indoor/Outdoor Bakers Rack is a durable, beautiful and versatile rack for your home, especially as it can be used indoors and outdoors. You can use it for displaying and storing a wide range of items in your dining room, kitchen, and garden.

You’re getting high returns for your investment, too, considering that it will last for several years with the proper maintenance.