Brixton IndoorOutdoor Folding Bakers Rack

The Brixton Indoor/Outdoor Folding Bakers Rack is such a well-made product that many customers have fallen like a ton of bricks for it, so to speak.

The black metal rack can be used for a wide range of purposes from displaying knick-knacks to storing pots and pans.

In fact, there are as many uses for it as there many buyers!

This rack can also be used for indoor and outdoor applications. Of course, it’s more likely to last longer indoors than outdoors because it will not be as exposed to the natural elements.

In both cases, proper maintenance, such as regular cleaning of the shelves of accumulated dirt and dust, is a must.




Features and Specifications

The Brixton Indoor/Outdoor Folding Bakers Rack is made from durable metal with a black finish. The thick metal for the main frame was apparently chosen for its strength and sturdiness, which are must-have qualities in multipurpose racks. Even the shelves are made from thick panels of metal, thus, these can carry the weight of several items at a time.

Be sure to distribute the weight evenly over each shelf so that the metal panels will hold their shape. While the thick metal can hold its shape with several full flower pots, for example, it can only hold so much weight. The items should also be centered on the metal panels to reduce the risks of tipping over on its front.

The metal frame has also been powder-coated to ensure its high level of water and weather resistance. For this reason, the bakers’ rack can be placed in an outdoor setting, such as the patio, deck and terrace. The sturdy metal coupled with rust resistance treatment will make it more resistant against rust and corrosion, too.

But for a longer life, the rack is best placed in an indoor area. The lesser levels of exposure to the natural elements will result in significant risk reduction for rust and corrosion.

In case the rack will be placed outdoors, it can be protected with a coat or two of anti-rust treatment. This will delay the onset of rust and corrosion even with 24/7 exposure to sun, rain and snow.

For both indoor and outdoor use, proper maintenance is a must for longevity of the bakers’ rack. Experts recommend regular cleaning of the surfaces of the build-up of dirt and dust, as well as repainting of the surfaces, when necessary. Even durable metal will be subjected to rust and corrosion when left as is for prolonged periods.

The etagere-style bakers’ rack can be folded for fast and easy transportation, such as from the dining room to the patio. The folding style also allows for convenient storage although it must be said that such a thing of beauty shouldn’t remain hidden in the basement.

While the rack requires assembly, it’s as easy as pie. There’s no need for complicated steps and tools because of the two-step assembly – just unfold the rack and hook the shelves to its sides. Be sure to check that the entire rack is as stable as can be before placing various items on the shelves.

The shelves also offer ample space for various items to be placed on them. The shelf heights from the floor are as follows:

  • Bottom shelf – 4.33 inches
  • Second shelf – 22.44 inches
  • Third shelf – 37.40 inches
  • Top shelf – 49.21 inches

This means that the space between shelves can accommodate relatively tall objects. The top shelf, for example, can be the place of honor for tall plants while the lower shelves can be for shorter plants.

When assembled, the rack has the following dimensions:

  • Height – 61 inches
  • Width – 26 inches
  • Depth – 18 inches
  • Weight – 40 pounds

This is a great rack for apartments, condos and homes with modest spaces. The rack can be placed flush against the wall or on its own (i.e., in a garden), both of which will work well. The grills and scrollwork at the back and sides, respectively, will keep the items from falling out.

The great thing about the rack is its multipurpose function. Every buyer apparently has plans of his/her own for the rack, such as for displaying their knick-knack collection, flower pots, and frames. Many buyers also use it for practical purposes, such as for gardening or baking supplies.

Since the shelves are open, the items can be easily seen. This is a great feature when displaying beautiful things as well as for storing frequently used items, such as in kitchens. This may not be such a great feature for valuables like expensive porcelain.



The Brixton Indoor/Outdoor Folding Bakers Rack has high ratings for the following reasons:

  • Made from durable metal with rust protection
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Wide range of items that can be placed on the shelves
  • Compact dimensions suitable for dining rooms, living rooms, and kitchens even in apartments and condos
  • Easy assembly without need for tools
  • Foldable for convenient transportation and storage
  • Open shelves for easy placement, identification and access of items
  • Strong, sturdy and stable construction



Take note of these minor disadvantages of the Brixton Indoor/Outdoor Folding Bakers Rack:

  • Open shelves are unsuitable for valuable items and small things
  • Non-adjustable shelves
  • Heavy when transported although it’s also a point in its favor since it will not easily tip over


Final Thoughts

The Brixton Indoor/Outdoor Folding Bakers Rack is an excellent product since it combines durability, versatility, and beauty with a reasonable price. You will enjoy several years of multipurpose function from it, whether it’s for your garden plants or for your kitchen supplies.

You can transfer it from the kitchen to the deck, for example, depending on your needs for its shelves, too. For example, its first use can be for your pots, pans and small kitchen appliances followed by its use as shelves for your plants. You can even spray paint it according to your décor plans.

Indeed, we highly recommend the Brixton Indoor/Outdoor Folding Bakers Rack! This is a rack that will stand the test of multiple uses across several years, thus, giving a good return on investment.