Coaster Brown/Sandy Black Finish Metal & Wood Baker’s Kitchen Rack w/Drawers

The Coaster Brown/Sandy Back Finish Metal and Wood Baker’s Kitchen Rack with Drawers may be a mouthful to say but it’s alright.

The features on this durable, versatile and beautiful rack more than makes up for it!

Savvy homeowners want their furniture to provide multipurpose uses – and this Coaster Home Furnishings’ rack certainly fits the bill.

This is a baker’s rack that features two drawers, a single wire shelf at the bottom, and two tiered shelves at the top.

The wine rack below the drawers is a great touch, too.

Indeed, if you’re looking for a new display and storage area, then this Coaster baker’s rack should be on top of your list.





Features and Specifications

When assembled according to instructions, the baker’s rack has the following dimensions:

  • Length – 38 inches
  • Height – 74 inches
  • Width 14.5 inches
  • Weight – 97.9 Pounds

Be sure to measure the area where you intend to place the rack since it will take up floor space. But most homeowners attested that the rack fit in nicely even in relatively modest kitchens, dining rooms, or dens.

The placement largely depends on the main type of use for it. For example, a few buyers placed it in the dens as a wine bar while many used it in their kitchens for added storage.

Such versatility in use means that the baker’s rack will give value for the money over time. The uses include wine rack, display cabinet, and garden showpiece, among others.

The sturdy wood and metal components should hold up even after several years of use. The real wood used on the drawers has a tobacco oak finish, a beautiful piece of work especially with its simple yet stylish hardware. Even the sound of the wood when you knock on it has a solid feel to it!

The drawers provide ample space for small items, such as forks, spoons, and wine accessories. While these are equipped with locks, this is a minor matter. The rack shouldn’t be used to store valuable items, such as jewelry, anyway.  These are also accented by simple yet sophisticated hardware, thus, adding to the rack’s attractive appearance.

But keep in mind that even solid wood requires proper care for longer use. A few tips in this regard: 

  • Wipe the drawers’ inside and top surfaces on a regular basis. This will remove the dust and dirt that accumulate even when you live in the suburbs.
  • Apply a new stain on the wood when its finish appears to fade. This can be done once every 2 years. Use a stain that closely resembles the old finish although you can also experiment with other colors.
  • Place a protective covering on the wood when wet items, such as glasses with ice, are placed on its surface. Coasters should do the trick.

With proper care, the wood part should be good for a decade or more.

The baker’s rack metal component also delivers on the qualities of strength, sturdiness and stability. The thick metal has a powder-coated black finish that gives the entire rack a high-polished look. The powder-coated treatment means that rust and corrosion can be kept at bay, especially with proper care.

While the metal components can be left as is after opening, a few users also recommended spraying it with an anti-rust treatment. The affordable product and easy application step will extend the life of the baker’s rack, especially when it’s used in an outdoor area.

The rack, for example, can be placed in the patio where people are most likely to enjoy food and wine after dinner or after work.
While the overall design of the baker’s rack appears to be too simple, this is actually a plus for many buyers. The straight grills at the back coupled with the S-shaped bar at the sides are simple yet stylish. This is a design that makes it so easy for the rack to blend well with any exciting décor.

As previously mentioned, the baker’s rack has three metal shelves – two above the drawers and one below the wine rack. These can be used for displaying and storing a wide range of items, which can be ornamental or functional or both, depending on the rack’s main use. For example, the shelves can hold alcohol-related accessories including wine glasses, ice buckets, and bottles of spirits.

Many buyers also used it for displaying and storing various odds and ends. The list includes small kitchen appliances, fruits and vegetables, and even crockpots.

Of course, the wine rack just below the drawer is a practical and beautiful addition to the baker’s rack. You can place as many as four wine bottles in it. Just be sure that the wines are best kept and served at room temperature.

Aside from the eye-catching design and practical spaces, the baker’s rack also has other things going for it. You can easily assemble the rack with a few basic tools and DIY skills. You can place it in a corner or in a place of honor, so to speak, too.



The Coaster wood and metal baker’s rack has the following advantages:

  • Easy to assemble with basic tools and skills
  • Multipurpose use in the kitchen, living room, or patio
  • Multiple storage drawers and shelves
  • Wine rack
  • Beautiful finish on the wood
  • Sturdy and strong wood and metal components



But this baker’s rack also has a few disadvantages:

  • Comes in two boxes – one for the wood and another for the metal parts. A few customers complained about not getting the two boxes in one shipment.
  • Few days’ delay, sometimes a week, in the shipment although there were only a handful of cases
  • No starter holes on the metal shelves


Final Thoughts

The Coaster wood and metal baker’s rack is a great buy, too. You will get an eye-catching open cabinet with multiple uses, thanks to its three sturdy metal shelves, two drawers, and 4-bottle wine rack. Your investment in it should be well worth the money considering that it will last for several years.