Deco 79 63065 Metal Bakers Racks

There are so many great things about wrought iron baker’s racks that make them the best furnishings for most homes.

They’re highly functional as they provide a good amount of storage space.

They’re also very attractive, making them even more covetable and useful around the house.

With so many options when it comes to baker’s racks, it’s pretty easy to get overwhelmed.

However, if you’re after one that’s a bit whimsical and feminine, the Deco 79 63065 Metal Bakers Rack can be something to consider.

Unlike other baker’s racks, this product will inject character to your space with its unexpected pops of color and attractive design.












Features and Specifications

Thinking of getting the Deco 79 63065 Metal Bakers Rack for your home? Here’s a list of its features to help you make the right call:

  • A metal baker’s rack measuring 25 x 25 x 68 inches.
  • Features 4 shelves made of flat metal in a lattice design. The distance between each is about 16 inches.
  • Mostly painted in black with multicolored details. It has garden motifs that are painted in pink and green.
  • Weighs a total of 23 lbs.
  • Ideal for plants and garden use.



  • It’s perfectly designed to hold plants. With its floral and leaf motifs, this baker’s rack can easily serve as a plant holder.
  • It’s versatile. Even though this product is often categorized under garden racks, you can still easily repurpose it for other parts of the house. It will definitely look good on your porch, lanai, sunroom, or patio but it can also work well in craft rooms, bedrooms, guest rooms, hallways, and bathrooms.
  • It will add a touch of whimsy to your interiors. If you choose to use it indoors, this baker’s rack will surely look amazing in a young girl’s bedroom or a garden-themed space.
  • It’s very spacious. Although it only measures 25 inches in width, it has ample headroom for all sorts of displays. With 16 inches of vertical clearance in each shelf, you can definitely put in a wide array of objects on show in this rack.
  • It can easily hold plants. As it can function as a plant holder, the shelves can easily hold pots of various sizes, thanks to its lattice design. You also won’t have to worry about cleaning up every time you water the plants as it can easily drain through the holes of each shelf.
  • Thanks to its shelves’ design, it can also easily hold trinkets of different sizes. Pots, books, stuffed toys, and a wide array of other baubles can be displayed on this rack without a hitch. If you want to flatten the surfaces even more, you can also add some plexiglass to each shelf.
  • It’s very sturdy. Made of iron and flat metal, this baker’s rack will definitely be able to hold a good amount of weight. As it can be a plant holder, you can be guaranteed that this will be able to withstand a few potted plants’ heft.
  • What baker’s rack can’t be in the kitchen? Not this one! This product can still be an excellent kitchen shelving unit, thanks to its sturdiness and spacious design. You can easily fit a few small appliances in its shelves, providing you additional work space by freeing up your counters with its help. If your appliances have small feet, though, make sure to add an extra surface material to flatten and even out the surfaces.
  • The assembly of this product is super simple. You don’t even have to actually try out your handy skills in putting this unit together as you only have to unfold the frame and fold out the shelves to set it up. You’ll be able to use this unit in minutes with such a simple design.
  • This unit has a nice height allowing you to maximize your vertical space without the risk of the top shelf getting too top heavy and toppling forward. The design’s pretty proportional so you don’t have to worry about accidents of this sort.
  • It’s an amazing product for its price. While it’s not a top-of-the-line product, the Deco 79 63065 Metal Bakers Rack definitely offers great value.



  • While it can be used for plants, it’s still best to keep it dry and unexposed from the harsh elements. Iron is still very prone to rusting, so it will be best to take preventive measures to keep it in good shape.
  • The packaging for shipping isn’t the best, so there’s a chance that it might get damaged while in transit. If you can request for better packaging, do so.


Final Thoughts

Most people tend to get more serious as they grow older, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t find whimsical and dainty details attractive. This is why the Deco 79 63065 Metal Bakers Rack is still one of the bestselling baker’s racks in the market today as it offers the perfect balance of cute and functional in a utilitarian furniture.

Designed to provide additional storage space while being decorative at the same time, this baker’s rack is definitely something the lady of the house will gravitate towards. It’s the perfect addition to a magical garden with its colorful details. It’s going to look lovely with orchids and other blooms, as it will burst with colors by spring time.

It can also be a great furniture pick for a growing child who loves flowers and plants. You can use it to display dolls, soft toys, floral wreaths, or even wings. Fairy-themed bedrooms will surely look more magical with this rack in it.

If the home is also punctuated with botanical motifs, the Deco 79 63065 Metal Bakers Rack will also blend well with the interiors. Just make sure not to overdo the floral decor or else your space will look dated.

For a storage solution that’s both utilitarian and beautiful, the Deco 79 63065 Metal Bakers Rack is an excellent choice. Affordable, sturdy, and with cute details, you won’t go wrong with this product.