Home Source Industries Brook Tall Microwave Cabinet Bakers Rack

The Brook Tall Microwave Cabinet from Home Source Industries is an attractive furniture, whether it’s placed in the living room or kitchen. The white cabinet has a mellow cherry wood countertop that immediately catches the attention, a must for any piece of furniture. The drawers and cabinets speaks of the functionality of the entire piece, a must as well for an investment.

Indeed, the cabinet is a good buy in terms of its combination of form and function. You will find that it’s worth every penny despite its minor issues.  But these issues are to be expected considering that this is a mass-produced, mid-range furniture, not a high-end piece from designer furniture manufacturers.




Features and Specifications

The Brook Tall Microwave Cabinet is a good solution for vertical storage issues. The dimensions – 26.8 x 15.7 x 67 inches – are suitable for small kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms with limited floor space.

Just make sure that the tall cabinet will fit in relation to the room’s ceiling. But this shouldn’t be a problem since most homes have ceilings higher than 67 inches. (5.6 feet). When in doubt, measure the area where it will be placed first just to be sure.

The cabinet is made from several materials. First, the main material is laminate wood composite, which consists of several wood layers pressed and bonded via an industrial process. The result is a durable wood material that can be painted in a wide range of colors, such as white and cherry wood in this case.

Keep in mind, however, that while laminate wood composite has sturdy and strong qualities, solid wood (i.e., hardwood) will still beat it to the punch, durability-wise. But since laminate wood composite has high levels of resistance against scratches, wear and tear, and moisture, this is a minor issue.

The main material is also more affordable than solid wood while still providing a beautiful appearance.  But proper care is a must for the laminate wood composite to maintain its beauty, thus, the need for regular cleaning with a clean cloth.

The countertop in a cherry wood color provides a beautiful contrast to the white finish of the rest of the microwave cabinet. Think of it as allowing the polished white of the cabinet to stand out against the gorgeous grains of its countertop. You will appreciate the cherry wood breaking up the monotony of the white paint, too.

Second, the glass on the upper cabinet provides a classic touch to the piece of furniture.  You can store dishes, glasses, and cookbooks in the glass cabinet, which provides a good balance between storage and display. You may also replace the glass, in case the original one becomes broken by accident.

Third, the hardware on the upper cabinet and lower drawers are simple yet stylish. You may think of them as too simple, especially when you’re used to elaborate hardware on doors, but these work fine. The more important part is that the hardware makes it easy for the cabinets and drawers to be opened.

Of course, the cabinets and drawers provide sufficient space for storing several items. You can store small kitchen accessories, dry goods, and kitchen utensils. You should be aware that the cabinet shouldn’t be overloaded lest it topples over, breaks in two, or cracks in places.

The cherry wood countertop is a great place to display a few knick-knacks or a small kitchen appliances, whichever suits your purpose. You should avoid placing objects that can produce heat and moisture on their own, such as plugged kitchen appliances, since the wood can warp over time.

The cabinet requires assembly. According to many customers, the assembly isn’t as easy as expected, even with the manufacturer’s assurance. In fact, there were a few customers who expressed their dissatisfaction with the assembly process, such as ill-fitting screws.

Many customers, nonetheless, said that patience is necessary in assembling the parts, especially as there are screws involved. Be sure to read the instructions manual, understand which part goes where, and study the diagram for the first 10-15 minutes after opening the box. You will have an easier and faster time assembling the cabinet with planning.

In every step of assembly, you can check that the parts are in their proper places, especially the screws. You should also check the stability of the cabinet afterwards, such as giving it a little shake, before placing the objects in its cabinets and drawers.

  • Tip #1: If it wobbles in any way, check the parts again. You may have to tighten a few screws until the cabinet is as sturdy and stable as can be.
  • Tip #2: Assemble the cabinet in or near the place where it will eventually be placed. You neither want to strain your back nor make a dent in the cabinet by pushing, pulling and lifting it. The cabinet is a relatively heavy piece of furniture, thus, the advice.
  • Tip #3: Avoid using harsh cleaners and chemicals on the wood. The paint may just fade, even strip off. A clean cloth should do in cleaning the cabinet’s surface of dirt and dust.



The Brook Tall Microwave Cabinet has the following advantages:

  • Sturdy and strong materials, when the cabinet is assembled and used in the proper manner
  • Suitable solution for modest homes struggling with storage issues in relation to floor space
  • Beautiful appearance, thanks to the contrast between the white laminated wood and cherry wood-colored countertop
  • Sufficient storage space in the upper cabinets, lower drawers, and countertop
  • Easy to clean wood with high resistance against wear and tear



But there are a few issues with it, too, including:

  • Not as easy to assemble as touted by the manufacturer
  • A few parts appear to be shoddily made, especially around their edges
  • Cams and screws don’t fit as well as expected.


Final Thoughts

The Brook Tall Microwave Cabinet has a few issues that interested individuals should be aware of before making the purchasing decision.

But when you look beyond these minor issues, you may just find the cabinet to be a satisfactory investment in a kitchen or living room furniture.