Home Styles 5050-615 Oak Hill Bakers Rack

The clean silhouette, simple straight lines, and beautiful contrast between the aged bronze-look metal and oak veneer on the wood.

These are the physical qualities that immediately draws the attention of happy buyers to the Oak Hill Bakers’ Rack with Hutch from Home Styles.

This isn’t surprising as furniture buyers usually consider the pieces’ form first followed by a consideration of their features (i.e., function).

When form and function are balanced in a piece of furniture, then the possibility of buying it increases.

Such is the case with the Oak Hill bakers’ rack!

The sophisticated minimalism of the rack complements its practical features – truly, the right balance between form and function in a display and storage furniture.




Features and Specifications

Don’t let the simple straight grills – no elaborate scrollwork – of the Oak Hill bakers’ rack fool you. There is beauty in simplicity, especially when you want pieces of furniture that evoke contemporary sensibilities – Zen-like in its minimalist approach and modern in its design philosophy.

This is a bakers’ rack that will fit in well, so to speak, with almost any theme and décor style. You can place it in a country-style living room, for example, or in an industrial-themed kitchen to add a cozy touch. You may even make it more rustic by displaying vintage knick-knacks on its shelves and buffet.

Such is its versatility that each buyer appears to have found a purpose unique to his or her own needs in a bakers’ rack. The shelves and drawers can be used for displaying and storing a wide range of things – books, cups and saucers, photo frames, decorative plates, and various knick-knacks.

The possibilities appear to be endless although the manufacturer cautions against using the rack and its components with water and heat items. The hardwood solids and engineered wood with oak veneer will apparently be damaged otherwise. The damage may be in the form of warping of the wood and stripping of its veneer.

If you’re thinking of using it as a coffee and tea service, for example, you shouldn’t lest it becomes damaged. You can use it as a bookshelf and writing desk, among other possibilities.


The bakers’ rack has two main materials, namely:

  • Hardwood solids
  • Engineered wood with oak veneer
  • Metal frame for the shelves and base for the buffet

The metal used for the rack has an aged bronze finish complemented by golden highlights. The visual impact of the contrast is as subtle as it is beautiful, too. Of course, the metal has been chosen for its sturdy and strong quality although hitting it with a bat to test it out isn’t a good idea.

The wood used for the buffet, which has three drawers, is just as beautiful and durable – or at least, as durable as can be without exposure to water and heat sources. The wood has an attractive distressed oak finish, which the manufacturer says required a multi-step process to achieve. These includes fly specking, worm holes, and small indentations.

The surface has also been treated with a clear coat finish for added protection against wear and tear from normal use. Re-application of a clear coat finish after a year or so may also be necessary to maintain its polished shine. The result: A stylish bakers’ rack with a gorgeous contrast between the oak veneer wood and the aged bronze metal.

The country-style design has a classic charm to it while the clean lines add a contemporary feel, an unlikely combo that works! The wooden buffet features three drawers – a large bottom drawer and two smaller upper drawers stacked. These drawers can obviously be used in storing several items that are best left in covered spaces, such as spoons and forks.

The hardware used on the drawers are simple yet stylish – a ring mounted on a square base.


When assembled, the bakers’ rack measures:

  • Height – 74 inches
  • Width – 36 inches
  • Depth – 18 inches

Whether buying in a physical or virtual store, it’s always best to take measurements of the area where the bakers’ rack will be placed. The rack is best placed in an area with sufficient room for it to fit in, as well as for you to have easy access to it. You may even place it in an area where people can easily see its contents, such as your collection of Oriental plates and knick-knacks.



The Oak Hill Bakers’ Rack with Hutch has the following advantages:

  • Simple yet stylish design that combines country-style coziness with contemporary sensibilities
  • Attractive wooden buffet with oak veneer finish
  • Strong and stable construction when assembled properly
  • Ample storage space on the three drawers and buffet top, as well as the upper and lower shelves
  • Relatively durable metal and wood Materials



But a few customers also expressed dissatisfaction with it in terms of:

  • Not as easy to assemble as it seems. Dissatisfied customers ran into several issues like ill-fitting drawers, sub-par construction on a few parts, and easily broken screws.
  • Unsuitability for storing items that can produce moisture and heat, thus, limiting its potential uses
  • Reapplication of clear coat finish required after only a few months


Final Thoughts

The Oak Hill Bakers’ Rack with Hutch is an attractive storage and display option for the home and office. The durable materials, particularly the metal and wood, used in its manufacture should be able to withstand several years of proper use. The shelves and drawers provide ample space, too, for a wide range of items.

But there are also a few issues that interested individuals should be aware of. The assembly process takes more time than necessary while many of the parts appear to be sub-par in quality.

The bottom line: This is still a good buy, thanks to its beautiful appearance, but you have to set realistic expectations about its performance. This rack is one of the more affordable in the market for a reason – it’s not as durable and versatile in use as other more expensive racks.