Trellis Bakers Rack by SEI

The metal baker’s rack has evolved greatly from being a kitchen furniture used to cool freshly baked goods to a fully functional shelving and display unit today. It has always been highly functional, but over the years, in managed to transition from being a completely utilitarian furnishing to something that’s equal parts useful and decorative. It has definitely taken some leaps and bounds over the years, making this furniture one of the most interesting pieces in the market today.

If you’ve never had a baker’s rack before but are looking for one that will perfectly complement your laid-back, sunny, and southern country chic interiors, the Trellis Baker’s Rack from SEI is a product you should look into. This product is the perfect mix of dainty and functional, so you’ll definitely find a nice spot for this furniture in your home.




Features and Specifications

Want to know more about the Trellis Baker’s Rack? Check out its features below:

  • Gorgeous metal and wood baker’s rack with dimensions of 16.5 x 27.5 x 68 inches. It weighs 38 lbs and is painted in white with light oak details.
  • In soft country style with ornate scrollwork and trellis design.
  • Equipped with four shelves, one counter space, and a wine rack.
  • The upper shelves measure 27″  x 8.5″ x 9”, while the lower shelves measure 26″ x 11″ x 12. Each has a weight limit of 10 lbs.
  • The counter measures 27″ x 16″ x 12.5″. It’s made with 1” thick laminated wood and can hold up to 40 lbs.
  • The wine rack is attached underneath the counter and can fit five wine bottles.
  • Not recommended for outdoor use.



  • It will spruce up any space it’s in. Thanks to its relatively detailed design and bright white color, it will definitely help in livening up any room this furniture is in. There’s something about its country chic design that will really add character to the space you’ll introduce it to, giving your interiors some charm.
  • It comes with a wine rack, so you can also easily put your favorite spirits on display. It also won’t hurt that this rack will make these drinks very handy.
  • It’s designed for the kitchen and dining area but you can always use it anywhere else. The wine rack isn’t really intrusive to the design so even if you leave it on, it won’t seem like the unit is for the kitchen or dining areas only.
  • Can be a great furniture for outdoor lounging areas. If you have a lanai or a screened in porch, you might still find this unit very useful. Just make sure that it’s not exposed to the harsh elements, though, as some parts may get damaged from getting wet or too much sun exposure.
  • The unit is very sturdy. Some people even use it to hold potted plants and small appliances so you can be sure that this will hold up despite placing a few heavy things on it. Just be careful to observe its weight limit so you won’t damage anything or hurt yourself.
  • This baker’s rack is tall enough to let you maximize some of your home’s vertical space. Its highest point is at 68 inches off the ground, making it a relatively tall piece of furniture.
  • The unit is very stable. Unlike other shelving units, this one has a wider base and lower portion so you don’t have to worry about the whole unit toppling or falling forward. The wide counter also helps anchor the whole unit down, especially if you’ve decided to place something heavy on it.
  • It has a relatively small footprint making it perfect for small spaces. It can definitely help you make the most of small rooms and can suit apartments and condo units.
  • It’s easy to assemble. It will help if you’re particularly handy of if you have someone else that can help you hold the parts together, but it also won’t be a big problem if you have to put the whole thing together on your own.
  • It offers international shipping. Not a lot of furniture pieces can be shipped outside the US, so this one is a great plus.



  • The space between the counter and the first upper shelf can be quite limited at just 12 inches. This can be a problem for those who are planning to place a tall kitchen appliance in this shelving unit.
  • The counter is made of laminated wood. While this helps make the unit more affordable, it also means that you have to take more care of this part more. It shouldn’t be exposed to liquids and high heat. You should also skip putting seriously heavy items on top of it as it can easily sag and get deformed.
  • While it is made mostly of metal, it’s not ideal for outdoor use. The laminated wood could get damaged from exposure to the elements easily and the metal parts could get rusty. Using additional protective coating could help, however, if you really want to put this shelving unit outside.
  • It’s quite pricey.


Final Thoughts

The Trellis Baker’s Rack from SEI is one of the finest wood and metal baker’s rack that you can get at an affordable price online. It’s the perfect addition to any country chic home, thanks to its cute details and bright white hue. It will definitely remind you of the laid-back lifestyle in the South and combined with its clean and crisp coloring, you’ll easily be transported to the sunny states.

While it’s appearance is really its major draw, it’s functionality can’t be denied as well. This baker’s rack is completely useful with all of its handy features. It’s also durable, making it worth the price.

So, if you’re thinking of getting a piece that will further establish your home’s country chic vibe, the Trellis Baker’s Rack is something you should look into. It will definitely brighten up your day not only through its stunning look but also because it also makes your spirits easily available.