VERDUGO GIFT Rustic Corner Baker’s Rack

Rustic interiors have always been popular because of its timeless charm. No matter how modern trends can get, a lot of us still opt to get back to our roots to create a cozy and welcoming space.

Most of the time, this will include raw wood, iron wrought details, exposed stone, and natural fabrics. It’s a great plus if you have a gorgeous view to a surrounding wooded area, upping the rustic feel of your home.

A nice addition to interiors that aim to offer a rustic charm is the Verdugo Gift Rustic Corner Baker’s Rack. This piece of furniture is specially designed to tug at your heartstrings and make you long for a serene view of lush greenery.



Features and Specifications

With its features being its primary selling points, you’ll find this list useful in getting to know the Verdugo Gift Rustic Corner Baker’s Rack.

  • High-grade metal tubes and wires as primary construction materials.
  • Dark stained wood shelves designed for ample support and durability.
  • Rustic design that is both classic and timeless.
  • Available in warm wood tone color.
  • Three tier shelving unit that measures 14″ x 47″ x 3.15″.
  • The bottom and middle shelves both have a depth measurement of 13” while the top shelf is slightly smaller at 11”.
  • It weighs 12 lbs making it hefty enough to ensure stability.



  • This product is undeniably beautiful. Most homes, even ones with contemporary interiors, will be able to find a spot for this rustic shelf in one of their rooms.
  • The wooden shelves make the unit more durable. Unlike other corner baker’s racks that use thin wires welded together to create a flat surface, this product actually uses wood for its shelves which is a lot more capable of handling heavy weights. This gives it more functionality as you can now easily use it for more purposes.
  • It has low clearance so you don’t have to constantly worry about the whole unit toppling over. Taller shelving racks tend to be more unstable, but this one has a nice height with its top shelf at just 40 inches above the ground. This makes the design more stable and steady.
  • The uppermost shelf is a few inches smaller than the other two so you can easily prevent the unit from getting too top-heavy. The details that reach up to 47 inches off the ground also helps balance the unit further, preventing it from falling forward.
  • It has three legs but since the lowest shelf isn’t too wide and is actually made with wooden slats, it guarantees that it won’t sag in the middle and become deformed easily.
  • The frame has a hinged design making it easy to set up. You don’t even have to assemble it, really, making it a fuss-free product that’s totally worth the price. You can start using it in seconds after unboxing!
  • It has a very simple design so it will easily blend into the space and won’t overpower your interiors’ elements. It also won’t feel too much even if you use it for displaying various knick knacks and trinkets around the house.
  • It’s very versatile so you can place it anywhere inside your house. It can also be the perfect display unit for different kinds of collections and baubles.
  • It’s nicely designed so you won’t have to anchor it to the wall to keep it upright.
  • It can be a nice unit to hold a few indoor plants as long as they’re still small and not in heavy clay pots.
  • The size is very nice as it fits perfectly in most corners and tight spaces.
  • It has lots of great reviews online so you’ll easily know that it’s a great product enjoyed by many.
  • You’ll love the rustic finish as it feels like an heirloom passed on to you by a beloved grandma.



  • It’s not as tall as some people would like. If you want a shelving unit that can maximize your vertical space, this might not be the right product for you.
  • It has stability issues for carpeted floors. However, if you’re going to use it in a tiled area or somewhere with concrete flooring, you won’t have any problem with it.


Final Thoughts

While anything with the word “rust” on it may seem like the least attractive thing in the planet, rustic design is definitely one that will win your heart. It’s classic and timeless at the same time as people continue to find ways to update this theme to the modern time as they see fit. Besides, it also reminds a lot of people of the old rural life, even if they’ve never really experienced it before, making the whole aesthetic cozy, relaxing, and inviting.

If you’re a fan of the whole rustic look, the Verdugo Gift Rustic Corner Baker’s Rack will surely be a hit in your household. It can be the perfect rack for your herbs and indoor plants. It can add some edge into a shabby chic dining area.

It can also be the perfect display unit for your quirky mugs, retro radios, and even vintage cooking appliances.

What makes this product a winner is the fact that it’s not only a shelving unit. It’s also a piece of furniture that’s worth displaying. While its design isn’t empowering and won’t overshadow whatever it might be that you’ll want to put in it, it can still be a stand-alone shelf that will add charm to any given space on its own.

Combine all of these with its great construction and you’ll get a well-loved display shelf for your home.
If you’re wondering whether this product is worth your time and money, the simple answer here is yes. It won’t hurt to choose a beautiful rack for your home. So, instead of buying those generic shelves at your local furniture store, consider the Verdugo Gift Rustic Corner Baker’s Rack instead.

This product will not only provide storage for your home, but will also make sure that your space is beautified at the same time.