Whitmor Supreme Kitchen Bakers Rack, Wood & Chrome

When a product has the word “supreme” in its description, interested individuals will understandably set high expectations about its features. This is the case for Whitmore Supreme Kitchen Bakers’ Rack in wood and chrome.

Does it live up to its expectations? Based on the customer reviews and actual testing by this author, the bakers’ rack lives up to most of its expectations.

The 4.5 star-rating (5 being the highest rating) in many online shops is just one proof of it, although there are also a few complaints.

The wood and chrome components are durable in performance and beautiful in appearance. The entire rack feel stable and solid, too.


Features and Specifications

The Whitmore Supreme Kitchen Bakers’ Rack is obviously designed for use as a bakers’ rack, thus, its open shelves (i.e., no closed cabinets and drawers). This open design makes it easy to store, display and access the various items on its shelves, a must in contemporary kitchens.

The items, for example, can easily be moved around, removed and replaced, and identified. This results in easier and faster work in the kitchen, a boon when you have such a busy schedule. You don’t have to keep opening and closing cabinet and drawer doors since everything’s out in the open.

The range of items that can be stored and displayed in the rack are aplenty, too. You can keep your kitchen well-organized by placing:

  • Pots and pans on the bottom shelf
  • Small kitchen appliances on the shelf above it
  • Food ingredients on the wooden counter
  • Cooking utensils, such as ladles, can openers, and sieves, on the hooks
  • Spice and condiment bottles on the cantilever shelf

This is just a suggestion since the shelves can be used for other non-kitchen purposes. You may use it in the garage to hold various odds and ends, even tools, as well as in your home office.

You must be careful about the weight and placement of the objects placed on the rack. You will find that it may be strong and stable but these qualities also depend on what, where and how the objects are stacked on it. You can place the larger objects on the sides and the smaller objects in the middle, as an example.

On a side note, the lower shelf has a 25-pound capacity. You may then place heavier items on it although be sure to keep within the weight limit, too.

The adjustable shelves also provide more flexibility in terms of configuration. Since the shelves can be adjusted in 1-inch increments, you can play around with the spaces between shelves. The bottom shelf, for example, can be lower in height so that the upper shelf can accommodate taller kitchen appliances (e.g., coffeemaker).

The shelves are made of durable chrome-plated steel. This material is known for its high rust and corrosion resistance levels, as well as for its polished appearance. The wires should be cleaned on a regular basis, such as once every three months, or as the need arises to keep their beautiful shine. Clean dry or damp rags are best, although many people also spray it with a water hose or brush it with a soft brush.

The wood cutting board is a nice touch because it can serve multiple uses. You can remove it and use it as a chopping board, a handy tool when you’re in a hurry to chop vegetables. You can then replace it so that the countertop becomes another shelf.

Be sure to clean the cutting board after every use. While it’s made of durable engineered wood, proper care is still a must for its longevity and beauty. Clean dry or damp rags will suffice for the purpose, while a mild soap-and-water mixture can remove stubborn stains.

The overhead bar comes with four S-hooks that can hold towels, kitchen utensils, and even a small pot. You may or may not add more S-hooks to the overhead bar depending on your needs. The S-hooks can be bought separately.
Once assembled, the bakers’ rack can be placed flush against the wall, either in the center or tucked into a corner. The placement has a purpose, too – the various items can be kept in place instead of constantly falling into the back.

When all of the parts are in place, the bakers’ rack has a sturdy and stable construction, a must in a frequently used item. You can place dozens of items on its shelves without worrying about the entire thing falling down like a ton of brick. You must, of course, ensure that the items are placed in an organized manner, aside from being within the weight limit.

The assembly is easy, too. Be sure to follow the instructions and look at the rack’s photos for reference. You will also need a few basic tools, which are included in the package, for the assembly.

When assembled, the bakers’ rack has the following dimensions: 14 x 36.25 x 55.25 inches. The manufacturer offers a 10-year limited warranty on the product, proof that it’s built to last.



The Whitmore Supreme Kitchen Bakers’ Rack offers the following benefits:

  • Easy to assemble with tools included
  • Two adjustable wire shelves at the bottom for various items like pots, pans and small kitchen appliances
  • 10-year limited warranty
  • Top shelf suitable for oils, spices and condiments storage
  • Four S-hooks for towels, ladles and kitchen utensils
  • Sturdy, stable and solid construction
  • Durable chrome-plated steel and beautiful wood parts
  • Beautiful design suitable for contemporary spaces



The Whitmore Supreme Kitchen Bakers’ Rack has a few flaws in it including:

  • Wood can warp from constant use, especially when moisture is involved
  • Short height for a few customers
  • Unstable joint system


Final Thoughts

The Whitmore Supreme Kitchen Bakers’ Rack may not be the best in bakers’ racks but it’s still a good investment in a piece of kitchen furniture. This is, in fact, a perfect solution for small kitchens where space comes a premium – most of the basic kitchen utensils can be stored here. The trick is in organizing the various items so that these actually fit into the bakers’ rack.