Have you ever gotten so frustrated about trying to pull open a drawer in the kitchen cabinet but failed to do so because it’s stuck? Have you ever felt irritated when kitchenware spill out when you have finally forced it open? You may feel like there is no other option, but fret not, there is. And this is why we are talking about kitchen bakers racks. You don’t need to put up with the hassle of having messy kitchen cabinets around when a kitchen bakers rack can serve you just the same without dealing with the problems above. It can even improve your kitchen organization.


5 Best Kitchen Bakers Racks – Comparison Chart

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Why a Kitchen Bakers Rack Is a Better Option

Kitchen Bakers Rack

Kitchen Bakers Rack

Bakers racks are originally used for temporary storage of freshly baked bread and pastries for the purpose of quickly cooling them off. Nowadays, the purpose of bakers racks have expanded. There is a wide range of choices of their use, and they come in different shapes and sizes to accommodate what you need them for.

Most kitchen bakers racks are tall and narrow. This is one of its advantages over kitchen cabinets because they won’t fill up too much space, which is helpful if you don’t have a lot of room in your kitchen. By using a bakers rack as a shelving unit, you only have to step up to get something from the higher shelves, and not use up even more space to open drawers and cabinets whenever you need something. You can easily organize your kitchen and you will have more control over it because you have more space to move around in.

Like I have mentioned above, bakers racks come in different forms with different features already equipped with them for your needs. Some have drawers or a doored cabinet at the lowermost level of the rack, and you can get those if you want storage for the unsightly things that you understandably want to keep out of sight, such as pots, pans, scales, and lids.

The upside is it’s so much easier to open than many other kitchen cabinets and drawers. No more annoying jammed drawers and spills.

The very top of the bakers rack can also serve as storage. You can put your cookbooks on top or your jars of baking goods such as flour and sugar. You can also store wine and other alcoholic beverages in the shelves, and they would add a nice touch to the kitchen’s aesthetic. Some kitchen bakers racks already come with wine holders.

There are racks that are also just the right height to serve as a countertop where you can place a microwave or a coffee maker for ease of access. Others come with hooks so you can hang coffee cups, spatulas, a can opener, or other kitchen tools.

You can even customize the way your bakers racks look like because they often come with adjustable shelves. You can control how big or how small a shelf is, and you can base it off what you want to put in there.

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How to Make a Kitchen Bakers Rack Look More Aesthetically Pleasing

Most people do not just want functionality, but also want to keep their kitchen looking beautiful and welcoming. I get it, I’m the same. The good news is you don’t have to worry about your kitchen looking tacky after replacing your stylish wooden kitchen cabinets with kitchen bakers racks.

You can easily personalize and paint the racks yourself to fit it into your existing interior theme. Put it in a corner and fill it with stuff to liven it up. Put some colorful flowers, lively potted plants, wine bottles, figurines, and books. Yes, you can use books (much better, cookbooks) to display on the bakers rack.

You have not just found a storage unit for these books, you are also going to use them as kitchen decorations. Like they say, you are hitting two birds with one stone.

If DIY is not your forte, don’t worry, you can shop for a kitchen bakers rack that already looks good enough to fit in your kitchen. Bakers racks don’t only come plain anymore. They come in all shapes, colors, and sizes, so you can shop for the style that suits you.

Just make sure, of course, that you consider your overall theme in your kitchen. The rack should be able to complement your existing theme and decorations so that it doesn’t look out of place.

You should also think of what you are going to store in your bakers rack, or else, there is a possibility that it is going to end up useless. Decide whether you want to store pans and pots or jars of ingredients in it. Are you going to use it solely as storage for your kitchen tools, or are you going to use one of the shelves for decor?

Are you going to turn it into a wine cabinet? Before you purchase a rack, it’s good to have something already in mind so that you know what you will be needing since a lot of the racks available on the market today already feature holders, hooks, and doored cabinets. You just have to choose.

It also helps to know how much space you can save for the rack or racks. Bakers racks are normally tall and narrow, but that doesn’t mean it will fit absolutely anywhere, no matter how small the area is.


Kitchen Baker’s Racks – The Secret Storage Solution

Kitchen baker’s racks are a popular kitchen accessory. Often overlooked as a solution to provide ample storage space. Also this could be the exact piece to add an elegant finishing touch to this room. A kitchen baker’s rack can blend with any decorating style and suit every taste from traditional to contemporary.

These baker’s racks can even be used as a buffet serving area. A baker s rack is a perfect place for kitchen accessories from your microwave to your house plants.

Even with a small space you can enjoy the pleasures of a bakers rack since they come in many different sizes. Depending on the design they can help you express true artistic flair. Many show off an elegant style that can fit any taste. Of course the choice of materials and designs for baker’s racks are vast: traditional contemporary, wooden, oak, metal, wrought iron. copper, chrome, stainless steel, elaborate, elegant, simple. They also come in colors such as red, black, white, copper or green.

Usually three shelves provide ample storage space along with the possibility of adding a wine rack, a wire grid shelf, two drawers and even a bottom rack – you are only limited by your imagination!

Available in any price range you can often find bakers racks at a discount or at a cheap price. A wide variety of bakers racks are available. As a baker you know that these can add so much functionality to your kitchen. A well chosen baker’s rack will serve you well for many years to come.


Kitchen Storage Ideas: Turn Your Kitchen into an Oasis of Organization

The kitchen is the heart of the home and is often the most used room in the entire house. In addition to cooking and cleaning, many kitchens also double as areas for dining and entertaining. With all the activity going on, keeping things neat and tidy is essential. Here are some kitchen storage ideas to help homeowners can find a place for everything.


Where to Start?

When considering kitchen storage ideas, the first thing to take note of is what actually needs to be stored. It may sound basic, but storage plans can get out of hand and off track very easily unless a firm outline is created detailing exactly what items or areas seem messiest. Begin with a look at the counters, inside the drawers, and in the cabinets to inventory what is normally kept there. If things appear cluttered or messy, decide whether a lack of space is the culprit or if proper organization will solve the problem.


Containers and Cubbies

When an area is disorganized or poorly arranged, it may appear that the amount of space is inadequate. However, containing and grouping similar items together will often prove that more space is available than originally thought. For instance, using baskets in a pantry to group bagged foods together will not only make things easier to find, but will prevent them from becoming messy and taking up more space than necessary. Using stackable containers also allows homeowners to take advantage of the height of a space as well as the depth, and can make the space more visually appealing.


Organizing What You Have

Other effective kitchen storage ideas include rethinking the current location of items. For instance, keep the most often used items at or just below eye level, and place them close to the areas that they are often used. Relocate flour and other dry staples close to the work area, for example, and place fine china pieces in the top cabinets if they are not �everyday� plates. Spices should be close to the stove and chopping boards should be near the food prep area. Organize pots and pans so that the ones used most are in the front and on top.


Make the Most of Your Space with Kitchen Bakers racks

After organizing and tidying up loose items, sometimes it may still appear that more space is needed. Before ripping out walls or searching the real estate ads, take another look at the things that you have stored and pay special attention to things that are old, unloved, or never used. Give away or donate items that are duplicates, or those things that never get used. Toss out anything that is broken, not working, or missing pieces. You may find that the space left over is adequate for what you need.


Add More Space

Sometimes, in spite of streamlining and organizing, the amount of storage space in a kitchen is still not enough. To determine how much more space is needed, prioritize the different activities that are usually done in the kitchen and decide where the extra space would be most beneficial. For instance, if the kitchen is primarily used for baking and cooking, a larger pantry would be smart. In a kitchen where dining and entertaining is more common, however, better kitchen storage ideas might include extra seating or additional cabinets for serving dishes and flatware.

By spending extra time to plan and assess the personality of your kitchen space, you can more easily determine what kitchen storage solutions are right for you and your family.


Where to Get a Kitchen Bakers Rack

You can shop for bakers racks pretty much everywhere, they are very easy to find. You can stop by your local grocery store or specialty shops and you will see a variety of bakers racks. For more options, my favorite is online shopping.

When shopping online, it is easier to find something that you like because you can check out a lot of choices in just one online shopping site, compared to the limited options you are going to see in physical stores.