The importance of a metal bakers rack is not quite noticed in the kitchen. In fact, it is an important piece of furniture in your kitchen or dining area because it is an ideal solution to your storage problems. With metal bakers rack, you can house your stemware, wine glasses and wine bottles. Modern kitchens use metal bakers rack to display collections of crystal vases and traditional crystal ware. Having one in your kitchen adds beauty and elegance to your decorations as long as the items displayed are also well organized.


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Boraam 12500 Valencia Metal Baker’s Rack

  • It’s very affordable. It’s way cheaper than other baker’s racks in the market today.

  • It has enough shelves for displaying different kinds of items.

  • The metal used is very solid so you can rest assured that it can take quite a good amount of weight.

  • The base is deep and wide enough to keep the unit stable.

  • It can be very versatile.

  • The wooden surface is only made of laminated wood which can deteriorate and get damaged easily.

  • The counter also has limited height clearance so if you want to place different kinds of appliances in it, you might have a problem in their fit.

  • The wooden surface is also not as properly supported as one would want.

  • You can’t use it as a plant holder, especially since it has a wood composite material that can get damaged from water exposure.

SEI Dome Bakers Rack w/ Wine Bottle Storage

  • Made of strong and sturdy solid metal tubes and MDF

  • Plenty of storage and display spaces in the nesting baskets, hooks, shelves, and countertop

  • Stable construction, when properly assembled

  • Attractive design

  • The MDF can easily be damaged from water saturation and exposure to low humidity environments

  • The assembly takes time because many of the holes don’t line up

  • The rack doesn’t come with plastic liners and rubber coasters for added stability

Deco 79 63065 Metal Bakers Racks

  • The assembly of this product is super simple. 

  • It’s very sturdy. Made of iron and flat metal, this baker’s rack will definitely be able to hold a good amount of weight.

  • Thanks to its shelves’ design, it can also easily hold trinkets of different sizes.

  • It will add a touch of whimsy to your interiors. 

  • It’s very spacious.

  • While it can be used for plants, it’s still best to keep it dry and unexposed from the harsh elements. Iron is still very prone to rusting, so it will be best to take preventive measures to keep it in good shape.

  • The packaging for shipping isn’t the best, so there’s a chance that it might get damaged while in transit. If you can request for better packaging, do so.

Celtic Bakers Rack – Gunmetal Gray

  • It offers beauty and utility in one package.

  • It can blend well with most modern interiors

  • It’s quite sturdy

  • It’s very versatile. You can practically put this unit anywhere around the house and still find great use for it.

  • The necessary tool is included in the package to make the product’s assembly a lot easier.

  • Its counter is made of MDF and not real wood.

  • You’ll need a vacuum cleaner on hand for the mess you’ll make upon unboxing the parts of this product.

  • The baskets will arrive folded and you’ll need to attach the bottom to the main body.

Trellis Metal Bakers Rack by SEI

  • It has a relatively small footprint making it perfect for small spaces. 

  • The unit is very stable and easy to assemble

  • This baker’s rack is tall enough to let you maximize some of your home’s vertical space.

  • It’s designed for the kitchen and dining area but you can always use it anywhere else. 

  • The space between the counter and the first upper shelf can be quite limited at just 12 inches. 

  • While it is made mostly of metal, it’s not ideal for outdoor use. 

  • The counter is made of laminated wood. While this helps make the unit more affordable, it also means that you have to take more care of this part more.

  • It’s quite pricey.


What is a metal bakers rack?

metal bakers rack

Metal Bakers Rack

A metal bakers rack is a piece of furniture normally found in the kitchen or the dining area which comes with shelves and is usually made of wrought iron or some other metal. Traditionally, the wired metal shelves were used to help the cook or baker cool down some hot goods like hot pies.

The metal shelves are heat conductors so heat can be easily transferred from the bowl to the metal shelf. In more modern uses, metal bakers racks are now highly decorative but functional. It can include special shelving that does not anymore serve for cooling purposes, but as functional storage such as stocking wines and wine bottles.


What are the uses of a metal bakers rack?

There are various uses and functionality of a metal bakers rack primarily being a storage unit. While its aesthetic purpose is already a given, it is a very functional piece of furniture for storing kitchen things.

If you want to keep your coffee cups, mugs, and glasses organized but feel the need to display them because of their decorative look, the metal bakers rack will showcase your glassware in an open display. More than your glassware collection, it can also be used as extra storage for your kitchen recipe books neatly arranged on the shelves. The shelving helps relieve your kitchen of house clutter.

What can be a downside in using metal bakers rack to stuff kitchen items? Well, if the rack is a plain countertop and shelves, items will be on open display. Fragile and breakable items are prone to hazard especially if there are kids at home.

Also, if the items are not organized neatly, the whole rack may look more of a mess than a beautiful addition to your kitchen décor. There is a thing called beautiful clutter, but it really depends on how it complements with the overall look.


Various Metal Bakers Rack Designs

Modern metal bakers racks have different designs that are also meant for special purposes. Depending on your need of the rack, you can customize it based on your particular needs.


Metal wine glass rack

Originally, the metal shelves of a metal bakers rack are used to cool a baker’s goods because heat can be easily transferred from the hot item to the shelf, so the metal or glass shelves insulate the bowl or any hot item being placed to keep it warm. These days, metal bakers racks are now highly ornamental and go beyond cooling purposes.

When it can also typically store your essential kitchenware such as pots, pans, dishes and other kitchen items or gadgets like your cookbooks, the rack can also have special shelving for wine storage. You can stock your wine bottles and glasses in an open display for the visitors to appreciate.


Modern metal bakers racks

As previously mentioned, modern metal bakers racks now come with highly ornamental purposes but still highly functional. These furniture pieces are designed with intricate scroll frames and styled on the sides so they are easily appreciated through the slatted shelves.

Many years ago, every kitchen contains large cabinets, long countertops and bakers racks. The bakers rack is primarily used by bakers for the rolling of the dough. Its shelves also hold tin canisters for sugar, flour and the like. In addition, mixing bowls and utensil holder including the rising bowls of dough are also placed in the shelves.

As years passed, the purpose of a metal bakers rack as a storage unit has evolved. Now, it can be used to store small kitchen appliances such as food processor, microwave and bread maker. It can organize kitchen items like cookbooks to keep it handy when needed. You can also store other kitchen gadgets like cookie sheets, muffin tins and pans to avoid clutter.


Metal bakers rack with drawers

Metal bakers racks are usually tall and wide enough to occupy even your kitchen’s limited spaces without it looking awkward. It usually measures up to about 3 feet wide. The height of it can vary depending on manufacturer’s measurement. If you want a more customized rack with specific measurements to fit your kitchen, you can have it custom-made by furniture makers.

Some bakers racks can be mounted on the wall, but these are not quite preferred by many because it is not as durable as the standing unit. Additional shelves and drawers mean more extra storage for your kitchen stuff.


Metal and wood bakers rack

Even though a bakers rack is popularly made of metal, other materials can also be used. There are bakers racks with a combination of metal and wooden frame. Some bakers racks are made of delicate materials like tempered glass. Although this may look clean, it can be too fragile for kids running around the house.

To add a touch of class and elegance in your kitchen, a bakers rack made of marble or wicker is a good choice.

A metal bakers rack makes a nice furniture piece in the kitchen. It requires less cleaning because there really isn’t much to clean except its frame and the shelves. When you plan on redecorating your kitchen or the dining area, try buying a metal bakers rack with a stylish look and incorporate it in the new look of your kitchen or dining area.

Your house guests will surely appreciate its presence, more so if you arrange the display items beautifully that they seem to appear as ornament pieces instead of kitchen stuff.