Pot Racks for Low Ceilings

A low ceiling is not always suitable for a hanging rack. Some racks are designed in a way that if installed on low ceiling, the pots will end up being very close to the kitchen counter. With a low ceiling, it is not advisable to hang the rack over your cooker.  The heat may not be good for the pots and may make them age and lose color faster. Instead You can use a Pot Racks for Low Ceilings.

5 Best Pot Racks for Low Ceilings

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Low Ceiling Pot Racks


If low ceilings are a problem, a wall pot rack looks fabulous in the kitchen. Pot racks for low ceilings are the perfect decorative accent and practical way to store cookware. They are great for creating easy access to measuring cups and other kitchen utensils. Wall pot racks come in many styles, from simple to ornate and everything in between. In fact they are designed for out-of-the-way storage convenience.

Wall pot racks are a small kitchen’s dream come true. These stylish racks allow you to keep your cooking tools where you need them most, while allowing you to put limited cupboard space to good use.

Low ceiling pot racks come in a variety of shapes for a variety of possibilities. Popular wall mounted pot racks include:

  • corner pot racks,
  • oval shaped racks
  • half-round racks.

Wall mounted pot racks accommodate hooks to suit your needs. Angled hooks cause coordinated cookware to fit together (nestled pots create even more space!). S-hooks hold ladles, whisks, and spatulas with ease.

To add even more storage space, choose a wall mounted pot rack with shelving. Shelves are made possible by grid work built into the pot rack itself, or by a rack designed to hold a wooden plank.

Shelves are very handy for holding pot lids, recipe books, and other odds and ends that you like to keep conveniently available, or simply for displaying a favorite plant or photo.


Ceiling Pot Racks

Beside the pot racks for low ceilings, a high ceiling pot racks has many advantages. You can use extra chains to hang it as low as you want. You can hang the pot rack over the stove to make the pots easily accessible when cooking.

With a couple of hooks, chains and a few household tools, one of these charming racks can be hung from the kitchen’s ceiling. A ceiling rack looks beautiful over an island or bar.

They’re a nice way to separate and frame a workspace. They come in many materials including stainless steel, copper and wrought iron and they are easily adjustable to hang at any height.

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