Pot racks are quite popular, but some people don’t know what they do. They tend to confuse them with pots i.e. earthen pots. Actually, they are racks where pots and other kitchen utensils are stored. So the keyword is racks and not pots. The main reason people buy them, is to create more space in the kitchen. If you have enough shelves in your kitchen you may be wondering if you still need them.


5 Best Pot Racks for Sale

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Pot racks create space, because they can be placed anywhere around the kitchen, like on the wall, behind the door or can be hanged from the ceiling. There are three main types of racks:

Your pot racks will become such a helpmate in the kitchen. Creating such an elegant solution to the storage of awkward and usually different sized pots and pans.

How often have you had to pull out all your pots and pans from your cupboards to find the exact one that you needed now? Too often.

A hanging pot rack will also provide the added advantage of seeing all your available selection of pots, pans and long handled utensils at a glance. Nothing to move out of the way – just reach and away you go with your cooking. Wow! All kitchens need these, even if your space is small.

Converting overhead space into a storage area is truly a wonderful solution to a difficult storage problem. I have even seen some people put a kitchen pot rack dedicated to air drying all their cut flowers and herbs from their garden. Other uses are to hang an assortment of baskets, long handled utensils, racks and trays . . . let your imagination soar.

Of course, once you select your hanging pot rack from trusted manufacturers such as Enclume or Calphalon and have it installed you will wonder how you ever made do without one of these beauties.

Know that this kitchen storage solution will keep on doing what it is good at – effective storage of awkward pots and pans within easy reach. Restaurants also usually have many hanging pot rack in their professional kitchens.

Finding the perfect design and size of your kitchen pot rack, adds storage along with a wonderful enhancement to your kitchen decor. These kitchen pot rack can easily add that dash of professionalism to your kitchen.

You may also opt for free standing racks. This type of rack stands on its own and doesn’t require mounting and can therefore be placed anywhere in the kitchen. The most common type of a free standing rack is a pole with hooks where you can hang the pots and other utensils.

Whichever type of rack you choose will depend on the interior design of your house. The aesthetic design and décor of your kitchen will determine the design of the rack. The finish of the rack should complement the finish of the pots and the type of utensils you have. Silver and bronze finish will fit in with a more modern look and design.

If you’re planning to increase storage space using these racks, then you need to make careful plan before you buy a kitchen pot rack.

A pot and pan rack is a beautiful addition to any kitchen and a pot hanger is extremely functional and a great use of vertical space.

Common materials include:

  • wrought iron
  • stainless steel
  • copper
  • all clad
  • wooden.

Great brands include: Calphalon, Enclume, Rogar, JK Adams, Cuisinart and others.


Hanging Pot Racks


Hanging racks are mostly installed on the ceiling so that the pots and utensils in these racks, are hanging above your working surface. Due to their hanging design they come with hooks where the utensils are hanged from.

The hooks extend from a grid or rim that has been installed on your kitchen’s ceiling.

Choosing stylish hanging pot racks can complement your kitchen and become a conversation piece.

Imagine the convenience of being able to choose the appropriate hanging cooking pot in an instant. This will make your time preparing meals for your family more efficient and pleasant.

Add the functionality of a hanging pot rack to your kitchen. Easy to install, available pot rack designs offer contemporary elegant storage solutions for today’s busy kitchens. Enclume, Calphalon and Rogar offer a vast selection of pot rack design styles, sizes and materials to fit any space or kitchen decor.

Good extra storage capacity for such things as your best cookware, pots, pans, lids and also to hang your ladles, spoons and even maybe a book shelf for your recipe books! Depending on the pot rack model, features may include potrack bars, swivel hooks, S hooks, pan hooks, wire grids, connecting bolts, end hooks, hanging links and ceiling hooks or wall brackets.

Many pot rack designs offer attractive yet sturdy storage solutions at an affordable cost. This is a great way to expand the storage in your kitchen without the expense and bother of a whole kitchen makeover. You might even consider a wall mounted rack if you have limited space.

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Kitchen Pot Racks


Kitchen pot racks are easy to install and complement your display of fine cookware. Available kitchen pot rack designs offer contemporary elegant storage solutions for today’s busy kitchens.

As a kitchen accessory your creativity is expanded by adding one of these racks. If you are hanging pots, pans, and stovetop cooking utensils, choose a location that is near your range.

In both cases, your pot rack should be mounted away from busy thoroughfares so no one bumps their head.

A great place to display your collection of Calphalon or Enclume on these decorative potracks. The innovative use of such techniques and materials as rustic, antique, custom, French country, wooden, dutch old, hammered steel and stainless steel, allows you to select something quite unique in your rack.

An ingeniously simple bar pot rack is designed for smaller kitchens, apartments or modestly sized cookware collections. Keep your most essential pots, hanging utensils and even oven mitts handy while freeing up cupboard and drawer space! You can store cookbooks and other items on the rack shelf. Ideal for organizing your cookware and for saving shelf space.

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Lighted Pot Racks – Two Solutions In One

Lighted Pot Racks

Lighted pot rack provides two solutions in one in a kitchen – more light over the working area and a simple new storage area for pots and pans. This enhancement to your kitchen decor makes for much more effectiveness and efficiency in this room.

Did you know that by adding a kitchen pot rack you are effectively adding lots of storage space in your kitchen without doing a whole kitchen renovation? The cost savings alone are worth investigating which pot rack works best for your situation.

Often overlooked might be one space here that with the addition of a hanging or wall pot rack becomes such a favorite working area. This could be over the center island, by the stove, along a wall or even in a corner. Use your creativity and imagination to locate the best solution for your specific situation.

Now adding one with lights gives you the opportunity to create a whole new ambiance in your kitchen. Sometimes this can be the only light left on at night, which can give a whole new sense of this space.

In addition to the lights of course you still get the full functionality of a pot rack which can be filled with a huge assortment of pots, pans, long handled utensils, colanders, wire baskets, wicker baskets, decorative cake molds, oven mitts, cookbooks, drying flowers, drying herbs, garlic braids, metal measuring cups, pot lids, ladles, all things copper, hot chili braids, funnels, tongs, strainers, etc. You get the picture . . .

Whether it has lights or no lights, finding the absolute best pot rack for you can provide you with one of those great economical kitchen storage solutions.

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Wall mounted pot racks


There are a number of reasons that people prefer wall mounted pot racks to other types of kitchen racks. They are convenient, easy to install, they save space and are safe.

Those who need to get extra storage space, would often choose this type of rack, because it is cheaper and more convenient than ordinary kitchen shelves.

Wall mounted racks are mounted not only on the wall, but also behind doors or in between shelves. They help to create space and are a cheaper alternative to putting up new shelves. Most of them are racks that sometimes look like shelves. Some wall mounted racks are simply hooks that protrude from metal bars that have been drilled on the walls.

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How to decorate a pot and pan racks

Have you been looking for something new and exciting for the kitchen? A pot rack is a fun and creative way to display a few of your favorite things!

There are countless ways to decorate a pot rack. One of these unique pieces can be used for much more than a place for hanging pots and pans.

A pot rack is a base upon which any decorative theme can be built. We’ve thought of just a few ideas to get you started. With one of these versatile racks, the possibilities are endless.

Practical Uses

A pot rack is the perfect place to hang kitchen utensils and accessories. By choosing various utensils in many sizes and colors, you can create a practical piece of original kitchen art! Why don’t you consider hanging all of the stainless steel cookware from the pot rack for a striking new look.

Wall mounted varieties look great with oil or wine bottles on them. They’re also a good place to store cookbooks. There are so many ways to decorate with a pot rack!

Purely Decorative

A pot rack doesn’t have to serve any practical purpose, it can be purely decorative! A wrought iron, rustic pot rack hanging from the ceiling would look stunning with a few antique kitchen accessories.

Pot racks also look lovely with an assortment of plants or any combination of decorative pieces. Stuffed animal collectors will find that a pot rack makes a perfect place to display all of their furry friends. Pot racks are a great way to add an interesting dimension to the ceiling, floor or wall.

Sprucing up the kitchen or dining area can be easy when you decorate with a pot rack. They come in many styles and finishes to fit any décor.

With a little imagination and a lot of fun, a pot rack can become a conversation piece for any kitchen or dining area.


Pot Racks and Pans Installation

Installation is another thing you need to consider. Are you ready to drill holes on your wall for the wall mounted racks? Are you comfortable with mounting the hanging rack on your ceiling?

You may need to go for a freestanding piece if your answer is yes. Proper planning will ensure you have the best racks for your kitchen.

Kitchen racks are the most inexpensive and convenient way to store utensils in the kitchen.

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