Top 5 Bakers Racks with Drawers

Top 5 Bakers Racks with Drawers

For flexible storage to complement your home decor, a bakers rack with drawers provides both shelf space and closed compartments. The traditional wrought iron look may fit well in your kitchen or dining room. But if you have a contemporary design style, take a look at those made of tubular steel in white or stainless steel – or even a wood finish. Find a bakers rack with drawers that fit your needs and enhance the ambiance of your home.


Top 5 Bakers Racks with Drawers – Comparison Chart

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Bakers Rack With Storage

With the wide variety of design styles available in bakers rack with storage, you’ll first need to know how much space you have. Then decide if you want more shelves or more drawers.

At that point, you can look for a bakers rack in the style you prefer that provides the storage you need.


Bakers Rack With Storage Cabinets

Sometimes you need shelves and extra cabinet space to accommodate appliances, good china, or large serving pieces. A bakers rack with storage cabinets can provide the open displays you need, while also protecting other items from dust and damage.

The traditional bakers rack style doesn’t often come with storage cabinets. If you don’t find one to exactly fit your needs, consider a more traditional china hutch.


Bakers Rack With Baskets

With the popularity of woven cube baskets for shelf storage, a bakers rack with baskets may be exactly what you’re looking for. Most feature a traditional wrought iron rack in black finish with two or more woven baskets.

You’ll find models both tall and short, narrow and wide, in configurations that are both flexible and practical. A bakers rack with baskets is a modern and attractive storage solution for your kitchen.


Small Bakers Rack With Drawers

When space is tight, a small bakers rack with drawers may be your only solution for more storage. This delightful three-drawer bakers rack provides shelves for display or storage, and three removable rattan baskets for more organization and storage.

The graceful scrollwork adds a touch of elegance to this versatile small bakers rack with drawers.


Bakers Rack With 2 Drawers

When you need more shelf storage space, a bakers rack with 2 drawers may just fit the bill. Most models are tall and wide, providing ample shelving for storing appliances and other kitchen gadgets that need to be stored out of the way.

Plus, there are two drawers for utensils, flatware, linen, or other items that need organization. Available in a variety of styles, you’re sure to find a bakers rack with 2 drawers to complement your home decor.


Decorating Ideas for Baker’s Racks

Choose the right bakers racks with the design that suit with your kitchen.  Sure, there are many different bakers racks and you must pick the right one for You.

Check out these bakers racks ideas for the decoration of your home:

  • Use a baker’s rack as a plant stand
  • Display a collection of decorative dishes or cookware
  • A microwave stand when pressed for kitchen space
  • Keep dinnerware and table linens organized.