Wall mounted pot and pan racks look fantastic and provide the convenience you need to cook like a professional. The 2 most well-known styles of kitchen pot and pan racks are generally the hanging pot racks and the wall mounted pot rack. The two provide a new straightforward remedy for your current kitchen place difficulty; and the two are available in attractive, decorative patterns.

5 Best Wall Mounted Pot & Pan Racks For Sale

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Wall Mounted Pot and Pan Racks Basics

Wall Mounted Pot and Pan Racks Basics

Nearly everybody requires additional room inside their kitchen area, no matter whether for food, dishes or pots and pans, as well as simply for moving about. Your messy kitchen can certainly end up being a frustrating spot for you to be and almost nothing contributes more to this kind of mess as well as confusion as compared to cooking pots and pans. An effortless remedy to this particular issue is simply to set up some sort of pot and pan rack.

Right now there are generally quite a few distinctive types of pot racks; however they just about all accomplish the exact same task, to assist you in freeing up space or room within your kitchen while taking care of your containers and kitchenware.

Your pot and pan rack should really be in some sort of handy place, quickly available, and also not too obtrusive.

These wall mounted pot and pan racks tend to be positioned down below or even in between cupboards. In the event that you have got more than sufficient space, any sort of standalone can certainly end up being extremely appealing.

You will need to choose if you need additional storage space, in which case this is offered by any wall mounted pot rack can easily supply. You could pick one which offers an additional shelf for the safe-keeping of cookbooks as well as knick knacks.

Several of the forms of wall mounted pot and pan racks which are usually obtainable are:

  • rectangle-shaped
  • oblong
  • shelf
  • circular
  • dome
  • squared.

At this time there are furthermore numerous materials which they can be found in.


Wall Mounted Pot and Pan Racks Sizing

A wall mounted pot rack is usually offered in numerous different sizing. They are also offered in many variations in order to accommodate your current kitchen & tend to be offered with pot rack hooks and other installation equipment.

With regard to more compact kitchens or even those people with regular height ceilings, these wall mounted pot racks present hanging storage space intended for your kitchenware, as well as extra ledge space for various other goods.

They are readily available in solid wood, metallic, and also stainless steel combined with many different sizes to be able to match practically any kind of kitchen.

This approach may well be the most ideal location for you to maintain all your cook books, most popular spices or herbs as well as lidded containers.

Precisely similar to the hanging pot rack, your wall mounted pot and pan racks variation are available in a range of configurations and colorings. Several of the most well-liked pot racks consist of fine wood or perhaps attractive wrought iron racks.

Wall mounted racks can easily be polished for a modern appearance or simply hand rubbed for the old-fashioned pot rack finish. Exactly like this name suggests, the wall mounted rack will be connected directly to your own kitchen wall.

These types of racks are valued not necessarily just with regard to their room preserving capability, but additionally for their own convenience and security.

The majority of these will probably end up being attached directly above your stove. Therefore, in the event that you require yet another pot or pan while cooking, they will at all times are inside of arm’s reach.

Some versions happen to be fundamentally like a shelf and this gives you the opportunity to stack some other items on top of it.


As we said before wall mounted pot racks come in a variety of shapes for a variety of possibilities. Popular wall mounted pot racks include corner pot racks, oval shaped racks and half-round racks. Wall mounted pot racks accommodate hooks to suit your needs.

Angled hooks cause coordinated cookware to fit together (nestled pots create even more space!). S-hooks hold ladles, whisks, and spatulas with ease.


To add even more storage space, choose a wall mounted pot rack with shelving. Shelves are made possible by grid work built into the pot rack itself, or by a rack designed to hold a wooden plank. Shelves are very handy for holding pot lids, recipe books, and other odds and ends that you like to keep conveniently available, or simply for displaying a favorite plant or photo.

Different Finishes

The sturdiest wall mounted pot racks are made from heavy steel, stainless steel or iron. Plated wall pot racks are made from steel frames and then finished with brass, chrome or copper.

If you want a plated pot rack to stay glossy, you will need to polish it regularly, especially above grease-spattering stoves (although some plated finishes have a sealant applied to help resist grime and dust).


Wall Mounted Pot and Pan Racks Installation

Before installing a wall mounted pot and pan rack, be sure that components of the rack, as well as hanging pots and tools, will be high enough not to bump people’s heads; base this consideration on the tallest member of your household.

Another necessary observation involves cabinet doors. Will you have any difficulty fully opening a cabinet door by hanging a wall pot rack in a proposed location? Remember that convenience—not frustration or head bumps—is your goal.

Any time you are putting in some sort of wall mounted pot racks; always try to make sure that you install them to the stud within the walls.

If you just attach this to the drywall, then there will be a very good possibility in which the pot rack could become unsteady.

Typically the very last issue you need to have is the rack dropping off of your wall. It is very wise for you to adhere to the proper installment guidelines laid out by the company.

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