A wine rack is an exquisite piece of furniture that will add charm and class to your home. It is a very practical addition to your home because it can store your favorite wines conveniently.


5 Best Wine Racks for Sale

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Why purchase a wine rack?

A wine rack is great for many reasons. You don’t have to be a big wine drinker to own a rack. Wine racks are not only perfect for storing and displaying your wine, but they look great too! It’s always nice to have a bottle of wine around for company or other special occasions.

They are the perfect gift for any occasion and make a fabulous wedding or shower gift. Start the lucky couple out with a fantastic wine rack and maybe even a nice bottle of wine. What a classy gift! You can’t go wrong with giving a wine rack.

You and your guests will enjoy the beauty and convenience of a wine rack. If you like to entertain, a rack is an absolute must for your home! With the many styles and features offered, you are sure to find the wine rack that will look great in your home!


Wine Rack Styles and Features


When shopping for a wine rack you, will find there is a tremendous variety of styles and features offered. Some wine racks simply sit on your counter top, while others are meant to stand on the floor. You can even find racks that hang right on your wall.

This style is perfect for those who don’t have much floor space. Wine racks come in all different heights, widths, and shapes. Some wine racks even feature a small bar for you to serve your wine, or shelves to store your glasses. They are also made of several different materials and finishes. Wood and wrought iron are the most common materials and each material offers its own great look. These are available in very simple and classic styles as well as more elegant styles.

There is a wine rack out there to suite everyone’s style. Lets explore the variety of styles!


Metal Wine Rack 


While the search for the perfect metal wine rack may seem to be difficult, but in reality it is not. Nowadays, there are a lot of choices because there are various companies that produce good quality wine racks that you can choose from. So no matter what you are looking for in a metal wine rack, for sure you will be able to find the ideal one.

Wine racks are treasured mostly by people who collect wine for hobby. Whether they are first time collectors or have been collecting for a long time, you cannot erase the essence and usefulness of wine racks for them.

What to look for in a metal wine rack?

Given the number of styles that you can choose from, you still need to prioritize several things in purchasing your very own metal wine rack. Some of them include the following:

  1. The size – Of course, this is the first consideration. You must see to it that the wine rack will fit the space in the house where you are planning to place it. You see, most home owners make the mistake of buying a metal wine rack that is either too big or small for their taste. This is because they were overwhelmed when they saw the rack, that is why they failed to measure the space where they will put it. Knowing the right size will save you lots of money because you will not waste it from buying something that you will not use at all. Know also about the number of bottles that you plan to place so that you will have a good idea on whether to get a small one, medium sized one, or a large wine rack.
  2. The color – Although metal wine racks look the same, there are some companies that have created wine racks made of metal that come in various colors. With that, you can easily find the one that you are looking for and the right color that will compliment your kitchen most.
  3. The design – Sometimes looking at metal racks on sale will help you a lot if you are planning to renovate your house to accommodate a bar. For example, if you have plans of creating a modern kitchen, you can get a metal wine rack that will fit your theme. Although sometimes you can always choose to make the wine rack the center of the room and pick your accessories from there.
  4. The brand – The saying “you get what you pay for” can really be applicable in buying wine racks. The more known a brand name is, the more that you will see how sturdy the wine rack can be. Given that wine bottles are very heavy, you need to get a wine rack that will do the job with ease.

Getting a metal wine rack is a good investment that you should consider if you are into collecting wine bottles. By narrowing your choices, you will be able to find the ideal one for you.


Hanging Wine Racks


Having a hanging wine rack in the house is the ultimate space saver solution that you need, and so do every wine enthusiasts and collectors out there. If you happen to have a good selection of vintage wine bottles lying in your house, the best thing that you can do is to get a wine rack that will house all these bottles.

You see, if you have spent a fortune or them or if you are saving these wine bottles for special occasions, these wine racks will give them the protection that they need. Aside from that, you will be able to display your collections prettily so that your guests and family members will see them.

Best places to get hanging wine racks

Nowadays, consider yourself lucky because there are a lot of places where you can get these wine racks from. You can try visiting the following:

Furniture stores – These stores will usually carry wine racks with them, especially now that many people are looking for cabinets that they can use to store their wines. All you need to do is to properly measure the space wherein you are planning to place your hanging wine rack so that it will fit perfectly. The space, although not an issue with hanging wine racks, should need to be considered so that it will place nicely in your house.

Online furniture stores – On the other hand, if you do not have any time to visit the actual stores because you are too busy to do so, there are a lot of online stores where you can get these wine racks. The best part about this is that all you need to do is to have your wine racks delivered right at your doorstep. You will never have to worry anymore about bringing it home because most online stores can do it for you. You will just have to shoulder the shipping and handling fees of course. But otherwise, this is a convenient way of buying a hanging wine rack for your home.

Vintage shops – If you are after a hanging wine rack that looks classic and stylish at the same time, then you may want to visit vintage or surplus shops near you. The good thing about buying from these stores is that you can haggle for the best price that you want.

Reasons to get wine racks

Most people think that wine racks do not have any use at all. This is why they opt to display their wine bottles on their countertops or on top of their cabinets. But by doing so, you are not providing your wine collection the protection that it needs. If you are going to get a wine rack, you will be able to preserve your collection for a long time.

A hanging wine rack can serve you and your household for a long time. It is a good investment that you might want to make.


Wooden Wine Rack


Wooden wine racks are the most popular type of wine racks and have been used since the traditional times of storing wine. They are available in a variety of sizes as well as shapes which include circular and square shaped wine racks as well. As mentioned, wooden wine racks are popular thereby making them the largest in stock at most wine rack stores whether online or at physical locations.

When deciding to buy a wooden wine rack there are a few things that you should consider such as the amount of storage space that you need. There are wine racks that can hold hundreds of wine bottles and those that can hold a dozen or less. It is therefore important to know what kind of rack you need so that you buy one that meets your personal needs.

Decide on the design that you want for your wine rack as the designs vary from abstract, circular and square among others. Choose a design that will complement your home and also one that will be functional in your home as there are others that have wine glass holders as well. In case you are storing the wine so that it can mature then you do not need a wooden wine rack that can hold glasses, but if it is a center piece in your home then you can select one with glass holders.

Consider the style of the wine rack as well; it can either be modern or traditional depending on your preference. The olden style of wooden wine rack were a bit rustic in feel and design while the modern style is more contemporary and blends well in a home that has a modern feel to it.

Advantages of wooden wine racks

Wood is the most preferred material in making wine racks because it is easy to obtain, strong, durable and also easy to work with as well. There are a variety of wine racks that are made from redwood – which can be either be all heart or premium, red oak, pine, cedar, fir, and mahogany among others.

When selecting which wooden wine racks to buy one has the opportunity to choose from a variety of wooden finishes that can either be stained or unfinished to give customers a wide variety to choose from. The most popular types of wood that are used to make wine racks are cedar and fir, with cedar being a favorite coz of its smell, while fir is chosen because of its strong nature and natural creamy color. Another reason for wood to lead as a choice for wine racks is that it can be painted to give it a finished and distinct look.

Generally, wooden wine racks are still the best choice for any avid wine collector as they blend well in any home and have proved their worth as  dependable wine racks. Currently, most wine cellars either in homes, hotels and vineyards still use these wine racks because of their durability as a storage material.


Small Wine Rack


Small wines racks are perfect for people who want to collect and keep wine bottles but have minimal space in the house. Just because you have small home space it does not mean that you cannot have a wine rack. This is what motivated companies to create small wine racks, they want to provide their other customers with good choices so they too can avail of this particular furniture.

The beauty of small wine racks is that they are absolutely irresistible. That is right, their petite size adds up to their overall charm. If you will see a small wine rack, for sure you will not be able to stop yourself from buying it because they are really gorgeous to have in the house.

You will be able to impress your friends with your style in home decorating and for sure they will envy you a lot.

Small wine racks buying guide & Tips

Now that you have decided to get a small wine rack for your home, here are several buying guide tips to help you out:

  1. Pick the right style – There are some small wine racks that are wall-mounted while others have support to stand on their own. If you have very limited space, then it is a good idea for you to get the wall-mounted ones to save more space since they will not occupy that much. However, if you can still squeeze in a wine rack in your home, then get the stable one because they are sturdier and less prone to fall off.
  2. Check the number of drawers and layers – Most wine racks have various compartments that can house different types of wine bottles. Although wine bottles in general all look the same, there are some that have interestingly shaped bottles. If you happen to have some of those, then it is ideal for you to get the type of wine rack that can accommodate such bottles. You may also opt for glass type to add more aesthetic value to the room where you are planning to place your wine rack.
  3. The materials used – Small wine racks are made of different materials. There are wooden ones as well as metal ones. Regarding which one is the strongest, both are strong but of course it is a given fact that metal wine racks provide more strength and can support heavier bottles, especially if you want a wall-mounted one. The type of wine rack depends on your personal taste, if you want to get a more classic one, then wooden wine racks are the best.

With wine racks, displaying and keeping bottles of your favorite wine is made easier. You will never worry anymore about broken wine bottles since they can provide the protection that you need.

Looking for small wine racks is very easy. You can always visit online stores to view the designs and styles.  But if you wish to see the racks personally, head now to your favorite furniture shop and inquire about these wine racks.


Wall Wine racks (Wine Racks hang on Wall)


For a wine enthusiast, the wall wine racks are the best investment that he/she can make to make sure that they attractively display their collection of wine and at that at the same time, the wine is very secure. There are so many benefits of getting a wall rack for your wine collection.

One of them is that racks are easy to display, and they do allow for a lot of air flow between the wine bottles. Again, the wall racks can be mounted almost anywhere because most in cases, but the right conditions for wine have to be observed.

A wall light will do the wine a lot of good as it will attract all the attention to the wine labels and therefore you can drive your peers green with envy.

It is important that you learn a thing or two about storing your wine so that you make sure that you get everything right. When it comes to mounting wall wine racks, many people make the mistake of considering the artistic only instead of the best way to store wine. Wine should never be stored in a room that has no humidity because the corks might shrivel and allow in oxygen. There should also be enough air supply in the room and what’s more, your wine should be stored horizontally such that it keeps the corks moist and prevents their shriveling up.

Maybe the best place to store your wine would be in the dark cellar where all the conditions are just right. However, there comes a time when you want to show off your wine collection to friends and therefore a wall mounted wine rack comes in handy at such a time.

However, make sure that your wall wine racks are mounted in a room that is cool, airy and that is not too dry. Avoid rooms that get direct sunlight. Your wine matures even when it in the bottles. Therefore, you want to make sure that you keep it in a calm room where there is little or no noise and where there are no reverberations.

Wine is really noble and delicate and therefore you have to find a quiet room for it.

Wall wine racks should be installed in areas that have no strong odors. If you install yours in the kitchen, where there are the strong, pungent smells of garlic, onions and other spices, then the odors will permeate into the wine through the cork and they will destroy the wine.

You will want to buy wine storage racks that can carry all the wine you want, but also one that is not be too big as to look out of place on the wall. Remember that m the secret is to store the wine in such a way that the flavors, the tannins and the flavor are left intact.

Again, avoid direct light, odorous rooms, very dry rooms and rooms with limited airflow. With whatever budget size, you should find a good wall wine rack.


Wrought Iron Wine Racks


One of the most popular materials that replacing wood is wrought iron which is used to make majority of the wrought iron wine racks.  Wooden wine storage racks have been the most popular type of wine rack since time immemorial and you will find many wine lovers still using them in their homes. However, this is changing steadily with the introduction of other wine racks made from a variety of materials.

In the beginning wine racks were used primarily to store wine without the appearance of the wine rack being considered. However, this has changed a lot with the advent of modernity with the presentation of the wine becoming a very important part of celebrations as well as wine tasting.

Wrought iron has always been considered the best alternative to wood in the production of wine racks because of many reasons which include:

It is a material that is long lasting as well as durable making it a good choice for a wine rack because it will have to hold many wine bottles that are usually heavy. On the other hand, it will come into contact with individuals who will pick, return and restock the wine rack thus it should be able to stand the wear and tear of regular use.

This type of material can be made into different styles that depict both modernity as well as tradition thereby bringing out uniqueness in the type of wine rack. This will enable any person that is interested in bringing out their personality to express it through the wine rack displayed in the home.

Wrought iron can also be sculptured into various forms of arts because of its fluid nature thereby making it a functional as well as a wine rack that adds aesthetic beauty to the home or bar. Most of the wrought iron wine racks are usually mounted on the walls to enhance the appearance of the room as well.

Selecting wrought iron racks

If you are interested in adding some form of decoration to your home the wrought iron wine racks should be your choice as their designs are innovative and they also come in different sizes as well to fit your need. They offer a look that is unique as well as elegant that gives your wine display a sophisticated appearance.

Consider the size of the room that you are going to place the wine rack in so that it achieves the purpose of which you have bought it. For example, big rooms look better with stand-alone wine racks while small rooms look better with wine racks mounted on the wall to add beauty to the room.

When choosing wrought iron wine racks for your home, it is important to browse through a variety of online stores so that you can make a choice from an array of styles and designs that you might not even know existed. The sites will also give you an idea of the price range of the wine racks in the event that you decide to buy one for your home.


Wine Cellar Racks


Nowadays, wine cellar racks provide people like you with the best and most convenient way of storing your favorite bottles of wine. They are very affordable and they can serve all your needs when it comes to wine storing and even preserving. Say you have a bottle of old wine that you plan to keep for a couple more years before serving, you can place them in wine cellar racks and drink when the time is right. As you know, it is a given fact that wines taste better as they get older.

One of the reasons why people fail to keep their wines for a long time is that they are afraid to store it for fear that someone in the household might break the bottle. But this will never be a problem anymore with wine cellar racks. They can protect your bottles so that you will be able to keep it for as long as you want.

Advantages of wine cellar racks

Most wine cellar racks are wall-mounted or stack-able. The number of wine bottles that it can hold is anywhere from 10 to 100, depending on the size of the bottles. Anyone who loves wine should know how important it is to store wine bottles properly. With cellar ranks for wine, you can easily do this.

A good advantage of wine cellar racks is that you can re-arrange it based to your liking. If you wish to group the older wines together, you can easily do so. Likewise, you can do this for new wines, wines that you are saving for special occasions, and just for plain everyday wines. It is that easy to sort the wine bottles out.

Another thing that you will love most about wine cellar racks is that they come in different designs and styles. There are some wine enthusiasts who will get cellar racks made of glass so that they can easily see the name of the wine instead of moving the bottles around.

Most cellar racks for wine come pre-arranged, you need to assemble it on your own. But do not worry because the instructions that come with it are very easy to follow. even if you do not have skills to match someone who is used to assembling pieces of furniture together, you will be able to follow through the project and finish it.

Should you invest in cellar racks?

Most people think that cellar racks for wine are just for people who are into the wine industry. But no, even if you are a private person who happens to love wine and collecting it, you can get a rack of your own.

Wine cellar racks are very affordable, especially if you will be getting them on sale. So if you are on a tight budget, wait until you hear news about mall sales and the like. Most probably, you will be able to get wine racks for your own at a much lower price.


Wine Glass Racks


Wine glass racks are usually a wonderful approach for you to show off your current complementing glassware in such a manner if you wish to simultaneously spruce up your home and also really encourage visitors to get a wine glass anytime that they require it.

Regardless of whether you are searching just for an under the counter wine glass rack or even a hanging wine glass rack, there are many different styles of racks to choose from to find one that matches all your storage needs perfectly.

A glass rack helps to keep glasses out of the path of daily traffic, as a result, reduces the chance of glass being broken. Wine racks have also been created to help hold bottles separately and sometimes even in bulk. You also have the ability to pick wine glass racks which are built from steel.


Stainless Steel Wine Glass Racks


Wine racks built with stainless steel are usually ideal for you to store your wine bottles inside your kitchen area because of the actual material’s level of resistance towards deterioration as well as discoloration.

The actual holder alone is in fact built out of really light-weight steel and seriously isn’t bad value with regard to the cost nevertheless it would probably not match up to a new rack costing considerably more.

The truth is, stainless steel wine racks now have come to be a contrasting item to the current modern lifestyle because of the plethora of stainless steel kitchen products along with kitchen appliances that have gained popularity within our modern day marketplace.

The glass holder insert will be made of steel together with some sort of heavy duty chrome plating. Stainless steel can be very effortlessly cleaned out and also it can furthermore be 100% recycled. Individuals not really acquainted with the most up-to-date info on stainless steel wine glass rack at this point possess at the very least a fundamental understanding.


Hanging Wine Glass Racks


Hanging wine racks tend to be specifically designed racks which can easily be suspended from your ceiling, below cabinets, along walls (despite the fact that right now there are actually specific wall wine racks which are actually built in a different way), or even upon some other large positioned pieces of furniture. Hanging wine racks can certainly be installed just about everywhere, from beneath a cabinet to the four corner of a living room area.

Typically the hanging glass rack supports 15 glasses. The primary advantage for possessing these racks is that this opens up room within your current cupboards as well as counter tops simply because your glasses hang out of your rack, which in turn is usually hanging by your ceiling.

Nowadays hanging racks are turning out to be pretty fashionable. Buying any custom-made hanging wine glass shelf is without a doubt also an excellent choice. Individuals that do not really have sufficient room for any huge wine rack usually choose to invest in a hanging wine glass rack.

Wine glass racks are generally a fantastic investment decision in order to support, safeguard and also properly display your glassware.

The majority of wine racks are usually made for your bottle of wine to get placed on its side, along with some sort of minor inclination downwards toward the actual bottle’s neck. Wine racks are actually much more than just show cases and it will be essential for you to think about the functionality associated with the rack prior to delving straight in.

Specialized wine suppliers market numerous wine glass racks, however you may also purchase these through chain home stores as well as organizational shops. Possibly even when you have got a good amount of room to keep all your glasses, the wine glass rack can still offer a way for you to show off your wine glasses.